Reassembly w/ E-Assist & Magura Brakes


This pages is an addition to the reassembly instructions for other WorkCycles bikes, and it’s something of a work in progress. If your new WorkCycles bike has Magura hydraulic rim brakes or electric assist (via front hub motor) you’ll find this helpful.


Installing the front wheel
The Magura rim brake has already been installed and adjusted but to reinstall the front wheel the front tire must be deflated to fit between the brake pads.



Getting the tire past the brake pads
Squeeze the deflated tire and carefully pull it past the brake pads. Of course the axle must fit in the fork pads. The wheel must be installed with the cable exiting on the right side of the bike, that is the side opposite the chain.

Reinflate the tire.


Fit the anti-rotation washers and push them into the fork pads.


Thread the right hand axle nut in place. Don’t tighten it yet.


The power cable loops DOWNWARD!
Rotate the axle so that the slot for the power cable faces DOWNWARD. Though it might seem a trivial detail it is actually very important. This way water dribbling along the cable will drip off below the axle. If the cable exits upwards the water will dribble INTO the hub. Just to be extra extra clear: The warranty is void if we see evidence of water in the hub.

Tightening the axle nuts
Now you can secure the axle nuts: Have your helper (or your other hand if you’re quite handy) press downward to hold the axle in the fork ends. Lightly tighten one axle nut, making sure that the axle doesn’t rotate. Now pulling the rim against the fork blade to snug the axle up into the fork end lightly tighten the other axle nut. Loosen the other axle nut and do the same pull rim to snug axle nut procedure. Sometimes one step is enough to get the wheel aligned in the fork. Other times require repeating this process a couple times. Once the axle is properly sitting in the fork gradually tighten the axle nuts on either side.


Checking your work
Check that the wheel is centered in the fork, and thus between the brake pads. If the rim is not centered between the pads repeat the axle nut tightening procedure above to center the wheel.


Axle caps
Pull the power cable connector and wire through the axle cap.


Slip the axle cap over the axle nut and secure it with a hex/allen key. Again, in case you missed it above: The cable must first loop downwards before heading up the fork.


Since you have the correct hex key in your hand already it’s a good time to install the other axle cap on the right hand axle nut.


Connecting the power cable
Push the cable connectors together securely. The arrows must go on the same side as in the image above.


Snug the power cable BEHIND the fender stay with a tie-wrap (zip-tie, ty-rap, cable-tie, little black thingie etc…) We like to wrap the cable tie around twice to spread it’s force over a greater area on the cable.


Ride yer bike.
This is how it should all look. Now you can ride!

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