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  1. Thomas Turner Says:

    Seat Height 35.5″ 

    I’d like to obtain a manual for a Workcycles Secret Service I recently purchased second hand. It’s a beautiful bike and I’m loving it already. Funny story, I actually tested the bike in a trial by fire. My SUV broke down 1.5hrs away from home about a half mile from the sellers home. Luckily I was able to pull into a gas station just before the vehicle died. Nonetheless I had the seller bring the bike to the gas station where I had broken down. I promptly tested the bike, loaded it into my SUV, then loaded the SUV with bike inside onto the tow truck trailor. One and half hours later we arrived at the repair center. The SUV would have to stay for a few days so I had to ride the bike home, which was a journey of 9 miles. Nine miles on a bike I hadn’t setup to my height, leg length, etc, etc. I got this. I unloaded the bike said a prayer and took off. I won’t lie, it was a difficult nine miles, the wind was blowing, it’s the middle of spring and my allergies were getting the best of me, but I pushed on through to home.

    Along the ride home I noticed several things that I would have to adjust to get everything just right but overall the first ride was a success.Though a trial by fire, it turned out to be a great confidence builder. My new (used) Workcycles Secret Service performed without flaw. I originally purchased it as a commuter bike. Fast forward to today, the bike it setup and is ready for my commute.

    Getting back to the purpose of the email. I need a manual. Are these available? I do not know the year of my Secret Service however I do have some specifications of the bike that I hope will help you determine that so as to send or direct me to the correct manual.

    Thank you.


    Key specs-
    Lugged steel frame, oversized tubing, powdercoat
    Heavy Duty 28″ wheels with double-walled rims
    Smooth rolling, flat resistant Schwalbe Marathon tires
    Shimano IM80 front rollerbrake
    Forged aluminium crankset
    Brooks leather saddle
    Strong rear carrier, elastic
    Double parking stand, steering stabilisor
    Hub dynamo, LED headlamp, LED taillight w/ standlight
    Zinc- and powder-coated mudguards, coat guards, chain-case
    Rear wheel lock
    Chromed, brass bell
    8-speed gearing
    Rear brake: Coaster or Shimano IM80 rollerbrake

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