WorkCycles & Henry Background

For those curious about more than just the bicycles themselves here are a number of articles about WorkCycles and founder Henry (that’s me). Happy reading…

What’s the bakfiets en meer blog?

An American with a bike company in Holland:

  • Part 1: Why an American?
  • Part 2: Why leave the cushy corporate world?
  • Part 3: Isn’t the bakfiets just a fad, soon to disappear? (coming soon)
  • Part 4: What about the cheap imitations? (coming somewhat later)
  • Part 5: Why BICYCLES anyway? (coming, eventually)
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    1. John Dex Says:

      Hi, Henry:
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      Recreational cycling and touring groups often become dispersed, due to mechanical problems, different riding speeds or people getting lost. Group GPS makes it easy for group leaders and riders to locate all the members of their group at a glance.

      It takes seconds to set up a Group GPS activity and begin automatic location sharing among group members. During the activity, group members view everyone’s updated location on the Group GPS map.

      Group GPS is a free app now available on the iPhone App Store

      You can read more about it on our website:

      Here is a product demo video:

      For screenshots and media-ready graphics, you’ll find a downloadable press kit on our website:

      Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the app. Thank you for considering Group GPS for review.


      John Dex, RallyTo CEO and co-founder
      Email: [email protected]
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