Amsterdam’s First Holiday Sale… @Workcycles!

We always joke about how the Christmas sales and decorations and all that stuff come earlier every year. But now that I think about it I’ve been hearing this since my childhood so it can’t really be true. Even if the commercial exploitation of the holidays have been beginning just two days earlier each year the lights and fake snow would be going up just about as the kids head back to school, still brown from the summer holidays. So I guess it’s just one of those things we just think and talk about even though it’s total BS.

Here in the Netherlands the crass commercialization of Christmas isn’t nearly as crass and ridiculous as I remember it being in the US, partially because Sinterklaas (Santa’s grittier, politically incorrect, arguably racist Euro cousin) banished Santa long ago to the US and the North Pole. We don’t even have a Grinch here! Actually Dr. Seuss, the bestest kids’ books in the whole wide world are almost unknown here. Unfortnately for the Dutch, some things just don’t translate well.

Regardless of what and when the rest of the world is selling for Christmas we at Workcycles are having a really cool sale, starting now and running through the holidays. It’s really cool because it’s a great offer, because discounts on Workcycles bikes are as common as jet powered reindeer, and because Workcycles bikes are just plain old cool. At least we think so, even if we also crassly exploit the holidays commercially.

Here’s the deal:
Purchase a new bike from Workcycles in November or December and get up to 15%* of the value of the bike in gifts**!

You can choose gifts such as:
Crate, basket, saddle cover, kick scooter, runbike, panniers, gift certificate, maintenance, repairs, child seat, canopy, windscreen, box cover, book, LED light, helmet, special options and adaptations such as winter tires, another bike… basically, pretty much everything that’s not bolted to the bike.

* The 15% offer is valid for city bikes, Fr8’s, Gr8’s and kids’ bikes. For two-wheeled cargo bikes and three-wheeled cargo trikes (bakfietsen) 10% applies.

** Exceptions are: the bike and its components, such as front and rear carrier, the Fr8 child saddle, bike insurance and basic options such as gearing and brakes.

Here’s an example, just to be 100% clear about how the deal works:
Jan-Kees has done his research and has been plotting for a while how he can justify the purchase of a Workcycles Fr8 cross-frame with City front carrier and child saddle for his daughter (€1239 with VAT). She who wears the pants (or “trousers” for those in the UK!) in the family is skeptical. Wisely and magnanimously Jan-Kees takes (for FREE!) a pink Micro Mini scooter as Sietske’s x-mas gift, and… he secretly brings girlfriend Femke’s bike into Workcycles for a set of fresh tires, a sturdy 2-leg parking stand and a new saddle to replace the one that’s spilling its gel guts out. Jan-Kees, you see, is a romantic guy just like me! The women are happy and so is smart Jan-Kees ’cause he’s riding in style on his dream Fr8 with Sietske between his arms. We call that a win-win situation.

You can visit to buy the bike or you can order by email, by phone, or perhaps even try your luck ordering by Twitter or Facebook. We’re happy to ship just about anywhere the brown truck goes. Or visit Amsterdam for the holidays and bring a bike home…

Tell your friends and family. Get them cycling around town too and maybe some of those freebies will even find their way back to you as holiday gifts. What would we call that anyhow? “Meta-gifting?” “Me-gifting?” “Gift inducing?”

Workcycles bikes; The bike that keeps on giving! Or something like that.

8 Responses to “Amsterdam’s First Holiday Sale… @Workcycles!”

  1. Rik Heller Says:

    Henry, COOL! We’re just discovering that novel technology. Meanwhile we have to put up with SUV drivers. Good luck. Let me know if I can do anything for you from here. I’m tied in with several bike trainers, gurus and race fiends. Rik

  2. henry Says:

    Thanks cousin! There have always been people cycling for transportation (and fun) in the US but until recently it was mostly just a mix of those without car and hardcore idealists fighting the tide. Fortunately that’s slowly changing. Cycling conditions do still suck in most of the country but considerable improvements are being made in many areas, particularly the “hipper” cities like NY and Chicago.

    SUV drivers do represent the poster children of bad mannered, selfish motorists in the US but really it’s just a population unfamiliar with cycling. In the Netherlands not only is the road system built to accommodate the needs of many types of users (pedestrians, cyclists, scooter riders, motorists, various types of public transpo etc) but also most drivers are also cyclists. They recognize somebody on a bike not as faceless annoyance or political enemy, but as another person: a father, child about the age as their son, a pretty girl etc.

    It sounds odd to some American promoters of transport cycling but here cycling for sport and cycling to get somewhere are just two different things, often practiced by the same people. Almost everybody rides a bike around town and many people also go on cycling holidays, ride race bikes with their buddies in the evenings, or some other variation on the sport. There’s no antagonism whatsoever between recreational and utilitarian cyclists because they’re the same people.

    And amongst manufacturers of utilitarian bikes Workcycles certainly has a big following amongst those particularly love their cycling. Our bikes are well designed and built with the right stuff, by bike lovers for other bike lovers.

  3. Rik Says:

    Interesting! Peggy and I have got to get over there sometime … where my middle name – camerik – can makes sense to someone. 🙂

  4. henry Says:

    Hi Rik,
    It’s a great place to visit (or live for that matter, assuming your mood isn’t too dependent on the weather). I assume the name was once spelled a little differently, perhaps “Kamerik” but the pronunciation would be the same aside from more emphasis and air in the first “aa”.

  5. Irman Hussein Says:

    Then again, what brown truck are you referring to??? *hope not curiosity kills the cat*

  6. henry Says:

    Brown Truck = United Parcel Service, aka UPS. They go everywhere.

  7. Irman Hussein Says:

    Silly me. DHL and FedEx almost dominate the market here, the reason being. Anyway, definitely looking forward to be among the first to own a Workcycles bike in Malaysia, specifically a Gr8. Rode and got hooked on one of yours when I was in Netherlands about a year ago

  8. Eliza Alton Says:

    Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities in the world! I lived there for a year (20012-2013) and it brought back so many fun memories looking at your pictures.

    Amsterdam holiday

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