Winter Service Special @ Workcycles!

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To be straightforward marketing just isn’t our specialty here at Workcycles. We’re great at developing lovely, handy, durable bikes, adapting them to your needs and keeping them running nicely for as long as possible. Marketing campaigns? Well, we tend to be full of great ideas that never get off the ground because we’re too busy building and selling bikes. Thus, with that as background… we introduce our winter special in the second week of February.

Actually it’s almost just in time considering that the temperature here in Amsterdam hardly dipped below freezing until last week. Then winter appeared with a vengeance bringing record low temperatures and a little snow that’s stuck around for a while already. Saturday morning we got up early with the kids to be amongst the first to enjoy sledding the fresh powder on the steep slopes of the Westerpark and try out some skating on the frozen canals! Yayyy!

Winter does make getting around by bike a little harder, thus our Winter Service Special. In particular water (even just a tiny bit) in the brake and gear cables tends to freeze, locking it in whatever position it was in while parked. You can read all about freezing cables and how to fix them here. Both our Fr8 and Cargobike have been fixed in one gear for a week and the Fr8’s rear brake is frozen solid as well. I’ve no time to fuss with my own bikes but fortunately you needn’t suffer the same inconvenience. Call us to make an appointment and we’ll give your bike a thorough winterizing.

Veemarkt: 020-689-7879
Lijnbaansgracht: 020-522-6001

While we’re at it we realized that we’ve accumulated a rather absurd inventory of tires, so they’re all 50% off (as long as we’re installing them). We’ve got possibly the best selection of city bike, transport bike and bakfiets tires on the planet so it’s a killer opportunity to put fresh rubber on your bike too.

In the same spirit we’ve been building nonstandard frames and parts into a collection of cool but somewhat quirky special bikes. Ride home with a great new bike for a great price and help us make space for other stuff. We’ll take photos and put more information online but here are a few examples below:

Monark Vario Kombi with industrial carrier, 3sp. This is a super tough and stable transport bike from Sweden. The big, industrial type front carrier has an integrated parking stand like a Fr8, though not quite as smooth working. Normally €1200, now €900.

Workcycles Azor Test Tweelingfiets
Tweelingfiets (longtail bike for carrying two kids of about the same age) with Azor aluminium frame, 26″ wheels, Shimano 8sp and two Bobike Maxi child seats behind. Normal price €1350, now €999.

Azor Fabrieksfiets-Factory Bike
Azor Fabrieksfiets, nicely improved with a big red crate, cool pedals and a transport handlebar. A sweet, simple, single speed urban workhorse. Normally €750, now €550.

SVC alu special-1
Aluminium light city bikes with prototype hydroformed aluminium frames. We’ve got two men’s versions with 2sp and two ladies’ versions with 8sp, all coaster brake. Two speed is normally €900, now €700. Eight speed is normally €1100, now €800.

P1 workcycles bike queens day 09
van Andel Biporteur Workbike. This is about as rare as it gets in transport bike world. There are apparently about ten of these and this is the only yellow one. We use one of these super handy and sweet riding bikes as a shop donkey. The yellow one’s not built yet so the specs are up to you.

5 Responses to “Winter Service Special @ Workcycles!”

  1. alexis Says:

    Hi Henry,

    Hope you are well.
    Can do me a deal on the biporteur?
    It was definitely one of my favourite bikes for doing the shopping at lunchtime. Would be a great mobile bike mechanics vehicle.

    Exciting times here in London as me, Zach and Johnny have found a shop with this guy in a great location.

    Let me know.

  2. henry Says:

    Hi Alexis,
    I’m sure we can work out a deal for the yellow Biporteur frameset. Let’s work out a price offline for a kit with frame, fork, steerer & linkage. Maybe you’ll also want a set of 20″ wheels, mudguards and stays?

    Send me a mail?

    A couple months ago I paged through your shop mate’s story of visiting all those American framebuilders for a couple hours. Quite a few are acquaintances and it was just a great read.


  3. Ed C Says:

    Hello, i have a question(s) about the aluminum bike listed above. is it possible to get upright bars (like the secret service) and a rear rack/light? and, just to make sure i read this right, there are no 8 speed men’s version of this? if not, then no need to answer the previous question but i wanted to make sure.

  4. henry Says:

    Hi Ed,
    The black men’s aluminium bike is gone and both of these are 2sp bikes. The two ladies models are both 8sp and have rear carriers.

    We are building a bunch of other bikes from our collection of “not in current use” parts but nothing that really fits the description of what you’re looking for.

  5. Ed C Says:

    Thank You Henry-i will keep checking your site to see what other surprises may appear.

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