Workcycles Oktoberfietsfeest* (Party!) 2011: Sunday 30 Oktober

simsa wins custom workcycles bike.jpg

It’s our seventh annual, world-famous WorkCycles Oktoberfietsfeest* (“october bike, beer and BBQ party”). As usual we’ll have live music, yummy food, plentiful drink, balloon animal making, absurdly generous lottery/raffle, child friendliness, and a general relaxed atmosphere. Yep, we missed last year but we promise to make up for it this time!

*”Oktoberfietsfeest” translates approximately to “Traditional, Bavarian inspired, beer and wine soaked, sausage devouring, autumnal bicycle party”. We take full credit for inventing it and imitators will be mercilessly ridiculed for their lack of creativity.

The important questions:

  • What? Party with BBQ, food, drinks, music, lots of prizes.
  • When? Sunday 30 October, from 14.00 until we kick you out
  • Where? WorkCycles Jordaan, Lijnbaansgracht 32B, at Goudbloemstraat (near Westerstraat)
  • Who? You, friends, customers, colleagues, neighbors, family, kids, neighbors, bike fans…
  • Why? Celebrating another successful year of business and growing (up). Thanking our customers and colleagues for their support. Because we just enjoy throwing a good party!
  • How much does it cost? Nothing! It’s FREE, GRATIS!
  • What to bring?Useless spokes. Yes, we want all those dusty remnants of strange-sized spokes that have been sitting on the shelves for years. Other than that I can’t think of much to bring.
  • What can you win? A custom Workcycles bike, sweatshirts, T-shirts, shop/kitchen aprons, parts, accessories and all kind of weird stuff. Workcycles isn’t known for giving anything away so here’re your chance to get something free here.
  • Speaking of winning bikes… Sign up for another chance to win a (different) Workcycles bike by voting for Workcycles as “Best Bike Shop in Amsterdam” for the 2nd year in a row. Maybe it seems arrogant but we really believe that we’re the best of the 250 choices in Amsterdam and do our best every day to keep improving. VOTE HERE (question #48) and just skip the other 49 if you don’t care which is the best canine friendly, organic coffeeshop in A’dam.

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    Looking forward to seeing you soon!

    – Henry and the Workcycles crew


    3 Responses to “Workcycles Oktoberfietsfeest* (Party!) 2011: Sunday 30 Oktober”

    1. Amoeba Says:

      What a marvellous idea! Sounds a real hoot, I wish everybody a really good time!
      As it’s an annual event, perhaps next year.

    2. Shirley Agudo Says:

      Will plan to be there! I just returned from SF where I visited My Dutch Bike shop and saw your Workcycles. Great to see a bit of Amsterdam and Henry Cutler and Co. there.



    3. Brent Says:

      Damn. Missed it by 12 hours when going through AMS (on the 30th) on my way back from climbing Kilimanjaro…

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