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The latest issue of the Vogelvrije Fietser, the magazine of the Dutch cyclists’ union features workbikes, which basically means it features WorkCycles. Those are WorkCycles Fr8’s in use by customer Eurotank on the cover as well as in the two page spread that begins the article.

To translate the first part of the article:

“Everything you dare transport”

Somewhere in Azerbijan on the terrain of a cement factory ride bikes from WorkCycles, a bike builder from Amsterdam. Also in Latvia, Nigeria, Serbia and Finland they do their duties in factory halls.

Where the tough transport bikes land and at which companies, Henry Cutler of Workcycles often doesn’t know. “Purchasing organizations order the bikes from us. Sometimes that organization belongs to a concern and sometimes they’re hired in to purchase stuff.” In any case businesses that need tough bikes know where to find him. Cutler is from the US and nourishes the Dutch bicycle culture and history. So has he put the wind back in the sails of the old fashioned, indestructible bakfiets in Amsterdam. “I’m an American who maintains a Dutch tradition. For the Dutch is the bicycle apparently not so interesting. The bicycle is something to use, such as a pair of shoes or a refrigerator.”

For €3250 you can buy a brand new bakfiets from WorkCycles, based on a model that determined the street scene in the 1930’s, with stainless steel components, fat tires, and thick spokes. “On the bakfietsen sit 120 kilo guys who throw 400kg in the box. It really has to be strong.” The interest in all sorts of transport bikes for businesses has grown quickly in recent years, says Cutler. But why so suddenly? “The bicycle wasn’t hip, but now it is. I see that that improved status of bikes has made its way onto the work floor. What’s also handy is that you don’t need a driver’s license for a transport bike. And you can’t do much damage with a bicycle. But if you hit something with a big forklift something’s going to get broken.”

Naturally it’s also just fun to ride over the extended industrial terrain on a WorkCycles Fr8 Transport bike. About the maximum load capacity of the bikes you needn’t worry, assures Cutler. “Everything you dare transport on the bike, the Fr8 Transport bike can handle.”

Workcycles Fr8 workbikes in "Vogelvrije fietser" magazine

Vogelvrije Fietser

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  1. john lindsey Says:

    Help I need a photo of a long cargo bike fully loaded with tools laders and bags of cement or other building material.

    I am writing an article about how these bikes can be an alternative to a small truck.

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