Vote & Win a Workcycles bike!


Workcycles has been nominated “Best Bike Shop of Amsterdam”. We certainly believe that’s true so if you’d like to make this an official reality we’d really appreciate your vote. And there’s a bonus: Voting enters you to win a specially built Workcycles bike!

Click here to vote and register to win the Workcycles bike. “Best bike shop” appears on page 10 so you can either vote for all of your Amsterdam favorites or just skip to the important part.

Of course you needn’t live in Amsterdam to vote but you probably will need to visit to pick up the bike… not that visiting Amsterdam is such a bad thing. You’ll already have a bike to use here too!

9 Responses to “Vote & Win a Workcycles bike!”

  1. Frits B Says:

    Complied with your request, Sir!

  2. John . Dublin Ireland Says:

    Done and Dusted Henry,Although it is about 5 Years since I was in Amsterdam so I could not Vote on most of the other Stuff. However I still have my Work Cycles Kruisframe and it is Still Working fine after 2 or Three Years so naturally I Voted for Work Cycles.

  3. Lee Says:

    Done and dusted.

  4. Todd Boulanger Says:

    Hi Henry – I did it. Man that is a tough group of shops to compete against…they all do their sub specialties well (I have used them all) – it will depend on which group gets its supporters out to vote.

  5. henry Says:

    Thanks everyone,
    These things are unfortunately just popularity contests since you can only get voted \up\ and not \down\. But hey, it’s nice marketing if you win so you have to try.

  6. Gary Westby Says:

    Henry- That is one cool survey. I loved the categories. Good luck!

  7. George Marks Says:

    Voted for you, naturally – would be fun to come back – even if I don’t win a bike.

    George and Bette

  8. mj graham Says:

    i voted – hope you win !

  9. Peter Says:

    I’ve added my vote too

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