FERDINAND GT3 RS – The World`s slowest Porsche

Sorry loyal readers. Between high season business and a new addition to the family (Pia, born 28 May 2010) there just hasn’t been much time for blogging. Here’s some fun stuff to tide you over:

Yeah, it’s been done before, but not so well.

And while we’re talking about motor vehicles wrap your head around this one…


2 Responses to “FERDINAND GT3 RS – The World`s slowest Porsche”

  1. Frits B Says:

    Congrats on Pia! A beautiful reason for keeping schtumm this last week …

    As for Pascal’s non-favourite: you think your readers don’t look at your Flickr photos once in a while?

  2. John . Dublin Ireland Says:

    I love that Car,a Gang of Children of all ages from 3 to 100 and odd would love having a Spin in it. It would be great for getting the Weight down on the Stomach Area. You could have a load of them in some Natural Park setting in an enclosed Flat area of say a few Kilometres or perhaps a Camp site.

    That is a nice Hobby Horse Motorbike. Congrats on the New Arrival in the Family Pia.

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