Seven museums, one car and five bicycles


Most WorkCycles bikes are used daily for such mundane purposes as riding to work, carrying the kids to school, carrying tools around an oil refinery or delivering the post. But some of our bikes have far stranger goals in life. Case in point: exhibit and communications design firm Atelier Markgraph in Frankfurt am Main, Germany bought three WorkCycles Cargobikes and two Fr8’s with Massive Racks and we were quite curious about how they were to be used. Their description sums it up:

Bremen and Bremerhaven take their ’Knowledge Worlds’ on tour for the fourth time.

Frankfurt am Main, 26 September 2009 – Surprising experiments, unique exhibits, exciting excursions – the travelling exhibition ’Knowledge Worlds’ shows just how much the two cities of Bremen and Bremerhaven have to offer.

After a highly successful debut tour in 2006, the exhibition is now bringing ’knowledge worlds’ from seven museums in Bremen and Bremerhaven out to the public for the fourth time. Bremen is represented by the Botanika, the Universum and the Ethnological Museum; Bremerhaven by the coastal zoo, the Maritime Museum, the Emigration Museum and the recently-opened Climate House. Once again, the exhibition was conceived and designed by Frankfurt’s Atelier Markgraph, which was also responsible for implementation.

The mobile experimental lab consists of five bicycles and one car. The exhibition stops off at events, pedestrian precincts and school playgrounds, where it invites children and teenagers to explore and discover the secrets of the sciences.

The exhibition’s architectural concept is as freewheeling as the vehicles themselves. In moments, luggage racks and bike trailers can be converted into experimental stations. The car interior doubles as a ’knowledge worlds foyer’ that explains the experimental stations interactively. Museums run films on a screen that appears when the car boot opens; stools are arranged in front to create an impromptu open-air cinema.

A new corporate design and logo were designed specially for the fourth tour. They build on human perceptions, with five colours to represent the five senses – vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

Two cities, seven museums, one car, five bicycles: ’Knowledge Worlds’ is a simple, freewheeling exhibition that promotes the successful concept of Knowledge Worlds.




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