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henry and tom
Photo “borrowed” from the Bespoke blog of Fourth Floor Distribution

Being an American who’s founded and runs a bike company in the Netherlands, bicycle capital of the world is considered newsworthy by some so I periodically get interviewed. I’m certainly happy to have the opportunity both as marketing value for WorkCycles and also just to speak my mind. I’ll admit that it’s also fun to act like a mini celebrity in my little pond.

Here on “Bespoke” of Fourth Floor Distribution in Toronto, CA the topic revolves largely around the issue of quality, something WorkCycles is widely known to be a bit obsessive about: Noshing in A’dam. The Workcycles interview

Red Kite Prayer” is a blog for the cycling enthusiasts that many amongst the ranks of transportation cycling proponents decry… entirely missing the point of course. Most of the articles there involve the professional racing scene, high-end racing bikes etc. It happens to be amongst the best reads in the business, with humor, engaging discussions and nice photography. Just to make my point for the 100th time: Transportation cycling and recreational/competitive cycling are not at odds with each other. They’re just different.

This interview was different from most in that the interviewer (Alex Armitage, coincidentally the brother of a peloton acquaintance from my racing days) approaches the topic from the perspective of a bike enthusiast accustomed to high-end road bikes. It’s an interesting read:
Builder Interview: Living Life as a WorkCycles Bike, Part I
Builder Interview: Living Life as a WorkCycles Bike, Part II

The Vogelvrije Fietser, monthly magazine of the Dutch Cyclists Union (Fietsersbond) recently talked to me about some of the industrial applications for Workcycles bikes. You can download it here. It’s in Dutch but the photos are great.

For our French speaking readers I was interviewed by Paris-based blog Je Pedale.

The September issue of German travel magazine GEO Saison has a article in which I give a little tour of some of my favorite spots around Amsterdam’s cozy Jordaan district (where WorkCycles larger shop is). Unfortunately it’s not available online.

In a couple months an interview with myself and Marc of Amsterdamize will appear in Journal de Nimes.

5 Responses to “New Interviews with Yours Truly”

  1. Doede Says:

    Henry, In Dutch a mini-celeb is simply referred to as a BNer, since everything in NL is small, it’s not worth mentioning đŸ™‚

  2. henry Says:

    Doede, maybe but I’m not prepared to call myself a BN’er… at least not yet.

  3. David Says:

    How far along is the GR8 in the development phase? Do you have a rough estimate when GR8 will go into production?

  4. henry Says:

    David, We’ve built a number of prototype Gr8 frames but I’ve drawn up a rather different, new frame design and we’re considering this direction instead. As with all WorkCycles bikes it’ll be available when it’s ready. I’d like that to be within 2010 but no guarantees there.

  5. M Randomitus Says:

    Hi Henry,

    Just noticed that you may want to update the link in this page.Your interview in Journal de Nîmes can be found here:

    Be well!

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