New Cordo Anti-Rain Spray!


Wow, I sure wish we’d known about this stuff earlier! It’s been cold and raining for almost a month straight here in Holland and I’m really itching to get out for a nice, long bike ride in the countryside. Well this new “Anti-Rain Spray” from Dutch distributor Agu just showed up and I can’t wait to try it.

I know that the Dutch continue cycling for transportation regardless of weather... but riding recreationally is another story. I’d much rather cycle under a sunny sky, or at least when it’s not pouring and slightly above freezing temperature. I stopped racing years ago so I just don’t NEED to do that anymore.

If it works well WorkCycles will add it to our wonder spray range, right next to our famous High-Tech Antitheft Bicycle Spray.

Reading the instructions I’m already a little disappointed though; It says to apply the Anti-Rain Spray to jackets, bags and shoes. Problem is that I don’t always wear the same clothes and shoes to ride. So it already looks like more work than I expected but if it brings the sun out, or at least keeps it from raining for a couple hours I’ll be more than satisfied!

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  1. Dave Says:

    Too bad it’s not just generally anti-water spray, or you could do things like part the canals if your bike fell in. That would REALLY be worth the purchase.

  2. henry Says:

    Dave, That really would be very handy. In fact I’m going to set the top-secret WorkCycles research department to work on that one. Just think about the cost savings: no fenders, chain-cases or even internal hub gears needed anymore. We can just go back to derailleurs and have our bikes made in China like other companies.

  3. John . Dublin Ireland Says:

    I have a Can of Grangers Fabsil with Silicone for Years now it is made in England The Address is Imperial way Watford Herts. It is mostly used on Tents Raincoats Umbrellas Sails and Leather.
    I have used it on a Tent and also Hats and Coats but I would not use it on a Woolen Coat. Canvas or Nylon Style Coats is best ,Anoraks or Hiking style Jackets.

    It has an Evil Smell that is like Diesel and Paint Thinners all rolled into one. They recommend you Spray the Article in the open or if indoors with plenty of Ventilation and is Inflammable so keep away from Heat or Direct Rays of the Sun.

    It is good Stuff it Works apart from the smell when you are Spraying it on. It is something I do not always use hence it is just left lying around in a Press for Years.

    Hats now that is an item I have used this stuff on occasionally, mostly Baseball style and Tweed Hats.

  4. henry Says:

    John, But with Anti-Rain Spray there’s no longer a need to waterproof your clothes and shoes!

  5. Doron Algam Says:

    Buyers beware!!!!!
    It is a SCAM!!!!!
    My friend bought one and his bicycle got all wet.
    Well, maybe he used the antitheft one because he did not lock the bike for 6 hours and they were still there.
    I think the sticker on the can is confusing.

  6. henry Says:

    Doron, Did the bike get wet from RAIN?… or just from puddles or something? The spray is specifically “Anti-Rain” so I wouldn’t expect it to help with water already present on the ground. Likewise the Cordo Spray won’t help if your bike falls in the canal or river.

  7. Doron Algam Says:

    Oh, I c now what went wrong. When examine the H2O I found out that it was from the sprinkles in the grass yard. Sorry about what I said before and thanks for the correction Henry. I hope I won’t get sue.

    Paddle your way to heaven is impossible because
    when you are peddling you are already there

  8. josh Says:

    i’d like to try a can of this but want to know if Fog counts as Rain before I buy a can. We have a lot of Fog here in San Francisco and it gets my bike all wet. True, it looks cleaner when it is wet, but the pedals, grips and saddle get all slippery.

  9. henry Says:

    josh, I have to admit I haven’t tested it very thoroughly. Once I read that I’d have to treat each article of clothing, shoes, bags etc I pretty much lost interest. I do prefer cycling in dry weather but not so much that I’m willing to spray EVERYTHING I’m going to wear.

    Here in Amsterdam we also get fog or mist so heavy that you get just as wet as when it rains. Combine that with a slightly above freezing temperature and you have something that can best be described as “bone chilling”.

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