Ryan Doyle @ Art Basel Miami Beach


Nope, I’m entirely unclear on what Ryan Doyle’s creation, dubbed the “Hell-a-Copter” is and does. I see something that looks like a giant, donut shaped, glazed balloon with lights, a frame suspended below, a hipster Pabst Blue Ribbon drinker and his legs spinning what seems to be a sort of horizontal propeller. It’s got pedals and art so it earns a mention on B.E.M. It’s intriguing though doesn’t seem nearly as hellish as another Doyle creation called “The Regurgitator”. Wanna get spun around faster than the feet of a Goldsprint competitor? Then you’d better hook up with Doyle and his cronies. Have a look below. Just thinking about it makes me wanna toss my cookies.

In any case you can go check all of this out… and RIDE them too during Doyle’s three part exhibition at Art Basel Miami Beach, December 3-6 2009. The details:

Squishy Universe Gallery
150 NW 24th Street
Miami, FL 33127

ps: I think I might have seen Doyle in Amsterdam years ago when they did the “Tall Bike Jousting World Championships” here. Here are a couple pics, somewhat more interesting than the event actually was.

tall bike jousting amsterdam 2

tall bike jousting amsterdam 1

4 Responses to “Ryan Doyle @ Art Basel Miami Beach”

  1. David Hembrow Says:

    I’d just eaten my breakfast when I watched that video…

  2. henry Says:

    Yes, you FEEL the riders nausea. That must be an extremely unpleasant ride.

  3. Fredric King Says:

    I took a ride on the Regurgitator last night in Miami. I was scared to death but the ride was not only fun but unexpectantly pleasant. I posted a video yesterday where you can see it in action – ENJOY!


    >—RIDE UR BIKE—>

  4. shane Says:

    Insane. It looks like a pulse-jet powered gizmo. A similar merry go round here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M88vpUdKVoI

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