Happy Cranksgiving


Thanks to Paul Steely White of the almighty Transportation Alternatives in New York, and Freeman Transport makers of custom bikes and some tasty and tasteful accessories such as this great T-shirt:

cranksgiving shirt freeman

Speaking of T-shirts… WorkCycles has them too, along with a fresh supply of hoodies and also handy shop/kitchen aprons. The silkscreen detail of the WorkCycles kruisframe bike is quite amazing on these. As always, supplies are limited to act fast to get one!

– Hoodie: €35
– T-shirt: €15
– Apron: €20


Here’s artist Kyoko modeling the hoodie sweatshirt with the family Brompton. The design is essentially the same on the T-shirts and aprons. Both hoodies and T-shirts are heavyweights of great quality. The aprons are quite long and have pockets.

Contact WorkCycles for more info.

2 Responses to “Happy Cranksgiving”

  1. Todd Edelman Says:

    Love that Krypto Mini holder, do you have the blue bike T-shirt with the bike pointing the other way and cute model, does she have a sister?

  2. henry Says:

    Actually Paul is using the mini U lock holder incorrectly; you’re supposed to shove the lock INSIDE.

    The blue bike is almost certainly mirror imaged, which is a strange mistake for a bike company. It’s something that non-bike companies often do with bike photos.

    Cute model does have a cute sister, but you’d have to visit Japan to meet her.

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