Burning Man 2009: Chaise Cruiser

38 (more): Chaise Cruiser, originally uploaded by theglife.

Check out this awesome Long John desert rig with 36″ wheels, xtracycle rear end and a cargo bed of at least 150cm. Sort of part WorkCycles Cargobike Extra Long and part Mad Max, all on steroids. Then again I suppose half of the creations at Burning Man have a Mad Max Look… “Speed is only a matter of money. How fast can you afford to go?”

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  1. reinsen Says:

    Hey, thats a nice blog. All about bicycles — no wonder, its from Holland đŸ™‚ I like the pictures with the special construction. Inspiring, how to see people invest their passion and creativity in their bicycle-hobby.

  2. Steven Vance Says:

    It’s interesting that the creators installed two disc brakes systems on the front wheel.
    The riders look out of scale to the bike – it seems the people should also be 30% taller and heavier.

  3. David Says:

    It does have a mad max look to it.

    Though I’m sure you’ve seen it all, Streetblog has a nice slide show of how creative people are in hauling stuff around—


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