WorkCycles Fr8’s invade London


All sorts of people ride WorkCycles bikes: Moms, dads, steelworkers, delivery girls, photographers, teachers, IT guys, cops, punk rockers and even royalty. A few weeks ago we received a call from a distinguished sounding gentleman with a +44 country code telephone number. Thank god for caller ID. The conversation went something like this:

Us: “Goedemiddag, WorkCycles. Je spreekt met (insert WorkCycles employee name).”

Caller: “Please excuse me but do you speak English?”

Us: “Ya. Dat can. How can I be of service?”

Caller: “Pardon me. Would you happen to have any Grey Poupon? Ha ha just a little English humour… No, actually I am interested in your WorkCycles F-R-8 bicycle. It looks like a most dignified bicycle yet refreshingly modern and versatile. Would you recommend it for an individual for whom it is important to look, well, dignified?”

Us: “What’s Grey Poupon?”

Caller: “It’s mustard but never mind that. I’m intereste…”

Us: “Mosterd? We have not mosterd here. We make only de bicycles.”

Caller: “Yes, sorry for the confusion. I’m interested in the F-R-8 bicycle.”

Us: “Oh, you mean de WorkCycles Freight bicycle? You speak it out not as F-R-8 but freight. It is a great bike and it can carry very much freight, such as 3 children and groceries or 150kg of tools. What must you carry and where will you ride de bicycle?”

Caller: “Well I’m not really at liberty to discuss the situation in detail but suffice it to say that it must be possible to carry a five year old child in a dignified manner and ummm… a crown.”

Us: “A crown? How do you mean?”

Caller: “Yes, a crown; like with velvet and silver and jewels and well, you know… a crown. I’m sorry but I’m just not at liberty to explain.”

Us: “Dat is OK. English clients have always strange requests. What is de diameter of de crown?”

Caller: “Almost 8 inches”

Us: “Dat is not a problem. We have a strong plastic crate in order to carry de crown. Dere is enough room to put the groceries next de crown. Do you need an elastic to prevent de crown from bouncing out?”

Caller: No I don’t think that will be necessary. The bicycle will only be ridden slowly.”

So to make a long story short the gentleman purchased the Fr8 and requested that it be personally delivered to Buckingham Palace, insisting that no further address info was necessary. The guards would be expecting the delivery but kindly do not disturb them during the changing of the guard. That would be most inconvenient.

Anyhow, being an American I don’t know much about these English things but I googled Buckingham Palace and found that at least part of the Royal Family lives there. By golly; that’s what the guy meant by the crown! But I couldn’t find any information about a five year old child in the English Royal Family. Do I smell a scandal brewing here?

It only seemed fitting to send Alexis, our only English employee to deliver the Royal Fr8. Along the way he stopped in to visit his buddies at London’s uber hip fixie workshop 14 Bike Co.

Fr8-London-14-bike-co (2)

Fr8-London-14-bike-co (1)

Even in the midst of so much colorful hipster fixie beauty all eyes were on the Fr8. Customers pointed and exclaimed “I want one like that! Except in bright pink with purple deep V rims and with the brake lever placed where I can’t reach it, and maybe with a top tube welded in so I can put my top tube pad on it.”

10 Responses to “WorkCycles Fr8’s invade London”

  1. Amsterdamize Says:

    that’s hilarious!!!

  2. Steven Vance Says:

    What a great story.

    Hopefully the Palace will send you back some pictures of how dignified the Fr8 can really be!

  3. macfred (wormholetraveller) Says:

    You are going to join the `Royal Warrant Holders AssociationÂŽpretty soon…



  4. Dave Says:

    Thanks for the top tube pad comment 😀

  5. John . Dublin Ireland Says:

    That was very Funny,If it is for the Royals then it is a first. They are not known for being Bicycle Friendly ,they would rather go around in Rolls Royce’s and Aston Martins. Can you imagine Camilla and Charles on Work cycles Bikes with a Retinue of Bodyguards in Pin Stripe Suits and Bowler Hats on Secret Service Bikes, absolutely Surreal.

  6. macfred (wormholetraveller) Says:

    You are wrong ; here they are…


  7. Cosmo Says:

    The part about the Deep V rims and the top tube pad made me laugh so loud my daughter dropped food. My spouse owns a bright pink bike though not a fixed gear.

  8. Dottie Says:

    LOL. When I visited London, I really had to fight the urge to ask people for Grey Poupon or a spot o’ tea.

  9. Jasper Says:

    Really funny! Enjoyed reading this.

  10. henry Says:

    Very happy some readers get my humor this time. Sometimes it goes horribly wrong:

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