Eddy’s rogue loopfiets strikes again!


“Fietsen worden verwijderd” = “Bicycles will be removed” and is a common sign in Amsterdam since bicycles cover every usable wall, sign pole, lamp post, fence, gate, bridge railing, fence, window (and bike rack). Putting a Fietsen worden verwijderd sign on your window or door is no guarantee that the spot will remain bike free but it’ll at least keep the most conscientious people away.

Ahh, but why is it also written in Chinese characters? I’ll just leave that as a mystery for the locals to answer.

6 Responses to “Eddy’s rogue loopfiets strikes again!”

  1. David Hembrow Says:

    I assume you’re aware of the “What should I put on the fence” phenomena from a few years ago in Britain ?

    This chap found a sign similar to the one above, and over a period of months put many things other than bicycles (the only thing specifically banned) against the fence…

  2. henry Says:

    David, You assume too much intelligence and awareness in me. I’m just an ignorant American who got lost in Amsterdam. I wonder if Eddy knows the eerie similarity of his loopfiets on the fence.

    Anyhow I just checked out some of the fence stories and they’re quite amusing. Of course in Amsterdam asking or telling people not to park their bikes somewhere is basically an exercise in frustration. Our WorkCycles neighbors park their bikes against our emergency doors and large display windows every day despite large stickers asking not to. When we move them 3 meters to the bike racks across the street their owners come in to yell at us. Oyyy.

  3. Marko Says:


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  4. henry Says:

    There’s already a link to World Carfree Network from this blog, so you guys are certainly welcome to link back. A colleaguee invited me to write an article for your blog (or was it magazine?) but it was an open-ended job and I just didn’t have time. If somebody takes the time to formulate some questions I’d be happy to answer them… probably in a rather freestyle manner.

  5. bicyclemark Says:

    oh and i want to be the BIG BRAIN and uber answering city nerd.. that sign is in chinese BEEEcause thats the Chinese Temple on Zeedijk.

    YAY! ding ding. I win. Oh and if you see a non floral bike seat cover, save it for me, Ill be coming to purchase it ASAP.

  6. henry Says:

    Ding ding ding ding! That’s correct bicyclemark, and for your nerdy demonstration of Amsterdam local’s knowledge you win a FREE WorkCycles fietswrak sticker.

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