Addition to the WorkCycles sticker

IMG_1916, originally uploaded by henry in a’dam.

OK, so perhaps somebody disagrees with the sticker: “Tijd voor een goeie fiets” (time for a good bike)… but at least they had the decency to leave the workcycles logo intact.

3 Responses to “Addition to the WorkCycles sticker”

  1. todd Says:

    our guerrilla marketing thing recently was to fix little flower vials secured to handlebars of parked bikes with inner-tube rubber bands, 1 flower each, with our logo. big hit — lots of people came in asking for more.

  2. henry Says:

    Todd, that’s super cute… and a concept we might just have to copy.

  3. Raleigh D. Says:

    Seeing the marks on the big sticker, I have to say, they look like something done by a very interested child! I think they should be seen as a “happy-drawing” left by a small child. There even seems to be a bit of a coloring-book connect-the-dots quality to it. I do not think it was done by a anyone being mean-spirited. I think it was done by a small child, who was just sharing with you! :^) R.

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