The ash-tray bike!

The ash-tray bike!, originally uploaded by Iam sterdam.

WorkCycles didn’t make this one and I haven’t seen it yet myself. The Amsterdam city District “de Baarsjes” is using this brilliant “Asbakfiets” to promote smoke free and butt free surroundings. They’re giving out little cigarette and gum wallet/baggies to hold the nasties until a suitable trash container can be found.

A little background:
Ashtray = asbak
Cargo trike = bakfiets

The “bak” part of the words is the same: means “tray”, “box”, or “bin”. I suppose “bucket” probably also comes from the same origin.

Here’s more (humorous) bakfiets etymology

Thanks Iam sterdam for the great photo!

3 Responses to “The ash-tray bike!”

  1. John . Dublin Ireland Says:

    Great Idea, Horrible Nasty Stuff Cigarettes Yewch Butts all over the Place. Standing in a Queue anywhere and the Wind Blowing the Smoke the wrong Way right into Yer Gob. I gave up the Practice finally in 1989.
    Did you ever see anyone Smoking and Cycling at the same time,I dont know how they can do it with the Stuff Blowing back into their Faces. I had an Uncle Years ago who had a Cigarette constantly Stuck in his Mouth without taking it in His Hands between Drags .He finally Died of Bronchitis and Heart Trouble because of the Ciggies.

    Nice Picture,it is like a Marlboro Packet and the X’s is like the Amsterdam Flag.

  2. Todd Edelman Says:

    In places where cigarette-advertising is illegal, this familiar red and white design is used without the company name…. but indirectly paid for by that company. The article about this campaign from 2008 on the de Baarsjes website does not say if said company or its PR representative is paying for this, but I would not be surprised. This bike IS advertising that brand and/or authorities are using the scheme to get attention. This is all too post-modern for me… must take a nap, but I really don’t trust politicians when it comes to corporate tie-ins and advertising… I mean, how many stupid and even anti-bike things are advertised in Paris in trade for making Velib’ “free”?

  3. David Hembrow Says:

    We had visitors from the US yesterday and they were very amused by the quite frequently seen juxtaposition of “healthy” cycling with simultaneous “unhealthy” smoking.

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