Dad & three kids on a WorkCycles Fr8

A customer just passed a link to this video along: Riding his WorkCycles Fr8 with his two daughters in GMG seats on the rear carrier, and son on the saddle behind the handlebar… plus a big milk crate on the front carrier. Everybody looks pretty happy with the situation. So sweet, thanks very much Ben!

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  1. Jenn Says:


  2. Sandy Says:

    Anyone else see the black and white cat run across the road in the beginning of the clip.

  3. Grace Kao Says:

    I’m seriously thinking about getting one of these to schlep my 1-year old and 3-year old around. My question has to do with loading – is the bike stable enough to load one kid (i.e., take time to get him all buckled in), then load the next kid in all by myself – with no other adult helping or me having to lean the bike on anything? What about with unloading?

  4. henry Says:

    Grace, What you describe is certainly possible. First put your younger child in the front seat and then load the older child in the rear seat… or the reverse if you’ve got the older child in the saddle up front instead of a seat in the rear.

    The wide centerstand is stable enough to hold everybody upright but you should remain with the bike to steady it. Parking the bike next to a wall or other fixed object is even better since it’s impossible for the bike to fall.

    Unloading is the reverse of the above.

  5. Grace Kao Says:

    Thanks Henry. I already have an ibert Safe-T-seat (what I currently use) but my 3-year old is approaching the upper weight-limit, so I’m thinking about putting the baby in that (in the front) and then getting a rear carrier. So, first of all, could the Fr8 handle the ibert? As for my 3-year old, I like the bo-bike junior for its folding mechanism, non-bulky appearance, and the possibility of getting more years out of one child seat, but I see that the age range is from 5-10. Is that because there is no seatbelt or is there another reason? If there isn’t a seatbelt or harness or anything like that, is there a seat that looks kind of like that that has one? What about those GMG seats you carry (in the photo, the kids aren’t wearing seatbelts, but that I take it doesn’t necessarily mean that there are none). Thanks so much!

  6. henry Says:

    I’ve only seen pictures of the ibert so I don’t know how it will fit the Fr8. Quite likely it will fit just fine but the foot buckets might interfere with the front carrier/bin/load. The Bobike Mini is the best fitting in this regard but we still usually cut away part of the rear of whatever box/bin is mounted on the carrier.

    The Bobike Junior is a very nice seat but it’s really for older kids. It has no harness nor support. You’ll need either a Bobike Maxi or GMG T30 for the next couple years.

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