Bakfietsen with Trees… again.

equidura tree bakfiets 1

Sometimes we get strange requests at WorkCycles. This time it was (for the second time) to make bakfietsen with trees in them. Hey, if your cash is good and it isn’t harmful or dangerous we’ll make it.

I’ve no idea what equidura is but somebody is apparently selling the stuff.

equidura tree bakfiets 2

I don’t know whether the customer had seen this one we did a couple years ago for the Zwitserleven pension and life insurance company. Apparently they rode around Amsterdam with a pretty girl in the chair to demonstrate the relaxed life one would have as a result of buying their insurance, or something like that.

zwitserleven palm tree bakfiets

The cheapest way to get a palm tree for this bike was to buy one… and to this day this palm lives in our bedroom. We’re very fortunate to have high ceilings since the tree is almost 300cm tall now.

5 Responses to “Bakfietsen with Trees… again.”

  1. John, Says:

    Looks like a Bay Laural Bush, The Leaves you put in your Casserols. It reminds me of the time I brought a Load of Hedging Plants Stuffed in the Two Panniers and a Birch Tree in a Long Plastc Bag Hanging from the Handlebars back Home from a Garden Centre. The Tree was Wobbling from side to Side on a Rickety Peugeot Semi Racing Bike around 12 Years ago.

  2. hMo Says:

    ….pffff its hoof balm ( I mean for a horse with bay oil ) well done !!!

  3. henry Says:

    It’s true that in most of the world equidura is a brand of ointment to put on horse hooves but I found it just too strange that such a company would advertise at the household expo.

    Though they don’t show up in an internet search because the site has no content, if you go to you find that it’s a project developer focused on “green” projects. Why they’re advertising at the household expo remains a mystery.

  4. marty Says:

    smart move guys to talk about your customers like this.. equidura is a green developer who was advertising at a real estate expo.. but hey.. as long if this ‘the cash is good’..?

  5. henry Says:

    Lighten up. Nothing bad is written about Equidura, who actually wasn’t even our customer. The post is just a laugh about a mysterious project. The bike was commissioned by an ad agency who didn’t tell us who their customer was nor how the bike would be used. We basically received a pair of stickers and a scraggly tree with a request to combine them for a couple days in a rental bicycle for as little money as possible. To us it was a strange request and a funny mystery.

    The project began as several bigger trikes but then got whittled down to just the one small Cargobike. We tried to convince the agency that showing just one bike like this at the huge household expo (where it was delivered) couldn’t possibly be effective, but it ended up as just the one bike. I hope Equidura was happier with the result of this project than we were since I cannot imagine paying an agency for this. We can do really cool work but not with our hands tied behind our backs.

    So yes, the post is sarcastic but not aimed at Equidura. Apparently that didn’t get communicated well.

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