70cm WorkCycles Transport on Smart car

70cm WorkCycles Transport on smart car, originally uploaded by henry in a’dam.

I’m surprised this little Smart car doesn’t tip over backwards when driving with this huge (70cm frame) WorkCycles Transport Double-Tube. But apparently a man of 200cm (6′ 6″) fits in a Smart.

Photo by Doede van der Linden.

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  1. Todd Edelman Says:

    I think what’s more interesting is that you can carry three people on the bike – you can see that there is already a cushion placed for someone to sit on the rack, and there can also easily be a small child position on the top tube – but only two in the car. In some countries in the EU it is simply prohibited to place safety seats in the front passenger seat. This means it is not possible to takethe smallest kids in Smarts in these countries.

  2. henry Says:

    That is ironic that the load capacity of the WorkCycles bike is greater than the Smart. Even in terms of weight it’s probably not much different. That bike can carry close to 250kg.

    But if one needs to drive a car (and there are apparently reasons to to so) a Smart is a rather resource efficient way to do so. Not only does it use little fuel, it also required less material to build and takes up less space in the world. From that perspective it’s unfortunate that it ends up on the wrong side of laws about carrying kids. Regardless a Smart wouldn’t be the car of choice for many families, at least not families with two parents.

  3. Todd Edelman Says:

    When I need a car it is to carry stuff, and the Smart carries little. Of course there are times when it is needed for other reasons, so having Smarts in carshare fleets – or informal user-ship – is okay, as transitional vehicles* ARE needed. But like all cars most still produce tail-pipe gases and tyre-road noise, both of which can be solved by existing technology. And no external airbags, whose development and implementation the industry has been fighting for years. Even shared cars can become much better at sharing the planet. (Regarding space use, when a Smart is registered in a particular area, does that place automatically officially/permanently re-allocate a little bit of space to non-private car uses? No, I don’t think so. More cars just fit into the same space. More cars can mean more noise and exhaust in the same space)

    Still, I think it would be useful to see the results of an actual full-lifecycle assessment of a Smart vs. other small cars. I suspect the differences would not be substantial.

    * Transitional on the way to carfree (at least carfree neighborhoods for people who want them). Perhaps an extreme position but fighting things like how to make cycling safe because of cars around is just so boring.

  4. 2whls3spds Says:

    Maybe they should make a rack for the bike to carry the (notso)Smart Car? đŸ˜‰


  5. Susannah Says:

    How is the cushion on the rear rack fastened to the rack? I would love to fit something like that to my Workcycles Oma’s back rack. : )

  6. henry Says:

    Susannah, I haven’t seen this bike myself. There’s probably a board under the cushion and it’s secured with either a couple clamps or even several strong cable-ties.

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