Hangin’ at the Multatuliplein

pascal multatuliplein, originally uploaded by henry in a’dam.

After work Kyoko, Pascal and I walked over to a sunny cafe in the Singel, chilled out for a while and took a few pictures into the low sun. Pascal is really getting the hang of this Amsterdam cafe life.

Just a little trivia: The cafe is called Zeezicht, meaning “sea view”. It’s probably been there forever, certainly since before Centraal Station blocked the view to the Ij river. However it still seems unlikely that one could have seen the river from here and seeing the “sea” will not be possible until global warming puts most of this country too far underwater for dikes and pumps to keep it only moist.

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  1. DrMekon Says:

    We stayed in Hotel Singel when we were in Amsterdam, maybe 5 years ago. It seemed like a nice area, and we were really struck by how quiet it was compared to Brighton, where we were living at the time. Looking back though, I don’t recall seeing any “weird” bikes, as I would have thought of bakfietsen back then.

  2. henry Says:

    The center of Amsterdam is quiet in the sense of lacking most of the automotive noise, violence and inhumanity of most cities. But it’s definitely not lacking people.

    Five years ago there were very few bakfietsen, transportfietsen, choppers, fixies or practically anything “unusual”. This is quite a recent phenomenon. That’s why it’s so funny that the bakfiets has gone from symbol of “alternative culture” to symbol of the middle-class in the same period.

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