Famke Jansen rides her Omafiets in NY

Actress Famke Jansen rides her WorkCycles Omafiets through the streets of New York

Actress Famke Jansen rides her WorkCycles Omafiets through the streets of New York

Actually it concerns me less that she’s a semi-famous celebrity type (former Bond-girl etc.) than that it’s just a cool photo of a good looking Dutch woman nonchalantly riding her good looking Dutch bike through Manhattan. Yes, the bike is a WorkCycles-Azor Omafiets, purchased from WorkCycles dealer Dutch Bike Seattle.

Whoever the photographer is, he used a seriously high resolution camera. Amongst the photo series are a couple that zoom in on details of Famke I didn’t specifically need to see. Look here if you DO want to see that but don’t say I didn’t warn you about the “adult” content.

Word on the street has it that an anonymous cyclist has put a €50,000 bounty out for anyone who can steal her bike seat and deliver it to his office in a zip lock bag. Famke, keep that bike and saddle well locked!

12 Responses to “Famke Jansen rides her Omafiets in NY”

  1. jeff Says:

    I didn’t know close-ups of brooks saddles were ‘adult content’ đŸ˜‰

    Here’s more ‘adult content’…arideaday.blogspot.com/search/label/Berlin

  2. henry Says:

    That’s a good point: I cannot think of a better way to show how ergonomically ideal the Brooks saddle nose is. I guess I shouldn’t be so prudish.

  3. Sean Says:

    I live in New York City and am quite happy to see a scene like this. It presents a nice image of cycling when the city could really use one.

    Famke looks like an ordinary, albeit very pretty, New Yorker getting from one place to another by bicycle. She’s not geared up or sweating, nor is she yelling at anyone, violating traffic laws, praying for anarchy, or nearly running over hapless pedestrians. She’s an effortlessly cool, clean-showered, law abiding bike rider. And, knowing she’s a movie star adds more: she could have anything and she’s choosing a black Azor over a black Escalade and making life easier on everyone else. Thanks, Famke!

  4. henry Says:

    And she’s demonstrating good saddle hygiene!

  5. Stephan Says:

    Famke rocks Dutch Bike Co. Seattle-sourced Omas in LA and NY.

  6. amsterdamize Says:

    Catching up on my reading, I can say this just made my day, Henry. From what I know of Famke, I already applauded her down-to-earth attitude, this seals the deal (aside from the fact that she rides this particular bike). She’s very cool in my book. Too bad the photographer turns out to be a scumbag.

    Sean: you nailed it. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t consider it to be something extraordinary, meanwhile radiating the absolute effortlessness and beauty of it all.

  7. henry Says:

    I’m actually not sure whether it’s the photographer who cropped those photos like that, or somebody else helped ummm, “focus” on certain details of some very high resolution images.

  8. yuki Says:

    hope in Indonesia will be like at Amsterdam, people go work by cycling!!!
    it will reduce pollution in the city.

  9. Milo Says:

    How tall is she? What frame-size is the Oma?


  10. henry Says:

    MIlo, It’s a 57cm with a hand’s width of seatpost showing. I’d guess she’s about 175cm tall or maybe a little less.

  11. Frits B Says:

    Henry, your “timmermansoog” is failing you. According to IMDb she’s 183cm or 6′, with shoe size 11.

  12. henry Says:

    I just figured that she probably has long legs for her height and that’s how it’d come out on a 57cm bike (that much I know). At 183cm she either has short legs (unlikely) or rides with her saddle very low.

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