Houston: Proud of its Freeways!

Houston Freeways

Houston Freeways

Here in the Netherlands we’re proud of the extensive and beautifully executed public transport system and bicycling infrastructure. Elsewhere they’re proud of other achievements. Houston, Texas, for example, seems to be proud of its freeway system… proud enough at least for Erik Slotboom (with a Dutch name, btw) to have written and published “Houston Freeways, A Historical and Visual Journey”, according to its website “the most comprehensive book ever written about a regional freeway system.”

Are you a freeway fan too? You can download the book free at this site.

Thanks to Steve Pinkus, emerging livable streets planning guru for the tip.

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  1. Kari Says:

    I lived in Holland for a year, and returned home to Houston just last month. I’d rather have bike paths than HOV lanes and sky-scraping overpasses. Not everyone in Houston is proud of the freeways.

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