Another fine, home-brew child seat

home-brew-child-seat-amsterdam 1

home-brew-child-seat-amsterdam 2

Here’s another classic Amsterdam bicycle child seat, this time true to the Dutch minimalist spirit. Two chunks of wood and a small piece of an old backpacker’s sleeping pad… almost certainly all found in the trash.

The bike’s also worth a look: A well-worn "opafiets" (grandpa bike) at least 50 years old with the front carrier from a baker’s bike.

Note that the handlebar is long gone. In its place the owner has attached a piece of steel tubing to brackets bolted to the front rack. This was quite solidly, if not attractively, performed and judging from the patina it’s been this way for decades.

There are lots of other nice Amsterdam touches:

  • frame is slightly bent at the head tube
  • the seat tube of the frame has been repaired with a weld
  • there’s a ring lock but not fixed to the frame
  • antique “Koets” taillamp is hanging limply
  • the poster behind the bike
  • A few weeks ago I showed off another creative Amsterdam child seat.

    2 Responses to “Another fine, home-brew child seat”

    1. Todd Edelman Says:

      This makes me wonder: How old is the oldest modern eBike which is left on the street, etc?

    2. henry Says:

      Is that a trick question Todd? NO electric bikes are left on the street. I don’t think there’s an e-bike on the market that could survive that kind of abuse, while many millions of humble Dutch bikes have been doing it for a hundred years.

      In fact I’ve only ever seen a couple e-bikes being ridden in Amsterdam. This despite the industry telling us constantly that sales are booming… sure, amongst senior citizens in the countryside I guess.

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