Bicyclemark’s new bike

Secret Service from Amsterdamize on Vimeo.

Why bother advertising when your customers make sweet videos like this with testimonials about your bikes? Thanks very much Mark and Mark and I wish you many years of pleasure from your new WorkCycles Secret Service!

You might be wondering what this plan is that enabled Mark to buy the bike. In the Netherlands there is a tax law (called “fietsenplan” or “bedrijfsfiets”) to promote cycling. An employee can purchase a bike once every three years with pre-tax salary. You thus save 35-50% on the cost of the bike, depending on your tax bracket. The rule is very straightforward and the only real limitation is that the ruling only applies to the first €750 of bicycle price and €250 of accessories though the tax service (“belastingdienst”) doesn’t seem to care how it gets added up. The bike can cost more but you have to pay out of pocket for the portion over €1000. This law applies to all employed people in the country so, as you can imagine, many of the bikes WorkCycles sells locally are purchased under this ruling.

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  1. John, Says:

    That Bike looks real Neat,very Nifty and Fast looking makes me want to have one to. I have the Pastoorfiets Kruisframe /Crossframe 8 Speed ,myself from Work Cycles for over a Year now and it is the most comfortable Bike I have ever Ridden.

    The Gearing and everything else is vey Smooth,It is like the Rolls Royce of Bicycles and I dont have to worry about Lights anymore or Batteries because of the Hub Dynamo and no need to wear Bicycles Clips.

    I have the Front Rack and Rear Rack and I find them indispensable as I can carry loads of Suff , I could not do without a Rear Rack on any of my Bikes.Dublin Ireland

  2. bicyclemark Says:

    Haha.. I was thinking youd notice the post quite soon.. turns out.. you noticed it immediately. All is well with the secret service, ive never felt so secure and speedy on the road before. And good that you explained the program, cause im not so good at explaining it.

    See you soon—

  3. tyler Says:

    This is brilliant. I would love to have the government to pay for a portion of a bike purchase. That is the kind of stimulus package I’d love to see!
    Mr. Obama, are you listening?

  4. henry Says:

    Hey Tyler,
    I think there is now a small tax incentive in the US to buy a bike for “commuting” that favorite American pastime enforced by zoning laws. I’ve heard of a $20/month credit for commuting by bicycle. It’s not as compelling as 35-50% off the purchase of a bike up to $1300 but it’s better than nothing.

    I’m not sure though, if this is already a law or where it’s applicable and with what restrictions. Maybe it’s only valid for Wal-Mart mountain bikes for example.

  5. tyler Says:

    Yes, we do now have the $20 tax credit for commuting, which is a nice start. It requires the employer to apply on behalf of the employee, and the word is that many smaller employers can’t make it work for their particular system, so it is difficult to implement.
    Also a local Credit Union here in Portland has started offering financing of bikes up to $2500 at a very low interest rate, like 5%, I think. So that helps a bit as well. We have been offering this to our customers for a few months now.
    I’d love to be able to tell my customers that they could use pre-tax $’s to buy a bike. Oh the joy there would be…:)

  6. henry Says:

    We don’t do financing here, but saving the €700-2000 doesn’t seem to be a great deterrent for our customers… or at least the ones who aren’t immediately scared away by our prices.

    A very large percentage of our local customers purchase their bikes with the tax benefit, and then a sizable portion of those who don’t write the bike off as an expense of their own business. Taxes are high here and there are far fewer ways to avoid paying them. Bike ownership and ridership are higher than for cars so it’s no surprise that these tax benefiets are widely used.

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