Waffle Bike

Introducing the “Waffle Bike”. Complete with a refrigerator, machete, two shotguns, public announcement system, a chicken coop (to provide eggs) and of course a waffle maker. I can’t believe it – I had exactly the same idea but they made it first!

4 Responses to “Waffle Bike”

  1. Richie in New Jersey Says:

    I thought this was hilarious – but I don’t understand why they need the shotguns and the machete.(Both of which might be illegal to ride around with in NYC). I hope they aren’t planning to fight off waffle thieves or (even worse) turn the waffle bike into a chicken dinner bike!

  2. henry Says:

    Richie, I’m equally baffled about the need for the guns or machete but maybe the passages in the book can offer some clues. My wife and many of our friends are artists so I’ve learned not to question the “need” or “logic” of such things.

  3. Todd Edelman Says:

    If this wasn’t partly a bike we’d all quite likely be telling this guy off for keeping those chickens on top of the generator, even if this is just a joke.

  4. Rick Wilson Says:

    Truly inspired. As someone who thinks constantly about building better bike based food ventures this really hit home for me – haven’t laughed so hard in a long time.

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