Creative “baby seat” on a Kronan

swing seat on kronan bike 1, originally uploaded by henry in a’dam.

This is just a bright green bike child seat, right? Look again. It’s a cheap and broken swing tied to a Kronan bike with the rope normally used to hang it from a a tree. I don’t think this baby seat is approved by any official bodies.

It is a good example of the relaxed attitudes about child transport and cycling in general in the Netherlands, particularly Amsterdam. Cycling is simply not regarded as a dangerous activity and for good reason: the statistics demonstrate that it isn’t.

Nonetheless, I’ll be taking somewhat more care than this with my own kids, thank you.

swing seat on kronan bike 3
Note the use of an old mouse pad as a cushion.

swing seat on kronan bike 2
Here’s a better view of the old swing rope used to “secure” the seat to the Kronan’s (flimsy, sheet metal) rear carrier.

4 Responses to “Creative “baby seat” on a Kronan”

  1. HeleenH Says:

    Now that’s a scary look! I -native Dutch mom living just south of Amsterdam- can’t believe it, but the picture is clear…

  2. henry Says:

    I’ve come across some other, equally scary contraptions but just started carrying a digital camera. I’ll post more as I find them.

  3. Jessica Mitchell Says:

    OMG…Is that safe enough to carry baby?…That’s just using rope….

  4. henry Says:

    I personally wouldn’t put my child into an old, cheap swing seat secured to a bad rear carrier with some rope rather randomly wrapped around to hold it in place… but some guy does. I even saw the same bike being ridden like that with a child in the seat and had my camera handy to snap a picture. It’s also on Flickr.

    Is it safe compared to carrying a kid in a proper child seat? Certainly not. Is it truly dangerous? Well statistics say that cycling is very safe (especially in the netherlands) so perhaps not. I still find it amazingly stingy to not be willing to shell out the small amount for even a second hand child seat.

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