Headlight repair

henry workcycles bike orange tire rack.jpg

A couple months ago I wrote about my own city bike, and noted that the lights have worked for years without fail. Well, yesterday I noticed that my headlamp bulb had gone dead. So I replaced it.

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  1. alexander Says:

    What kind of tire is that? Love the color!

    (Also, what size wheels/tires are the Workcycles citybikes? 622?)

  2. henry Says:

    It’s a Schwalbe Delta Cruiser specially made for the last European Cup Football tournament. They say “Hup Holland” on the sidewalls. Only in Holland could you sell special bicycle tires for a football tournament! There are probably a few still hanging around at some Dutch distributors.

    Yes, all WorkCycles city bikes have 622mm rims. The heavier duty “Classic” series bikes have 47mm tires and the speedier “Secret Service” has 37mm tires. The FR8 transport bike has 559 rims with 54 or 60mm tires.

  3. Green Idea Factory Says:

    Are you waiting to see who is the first person to comment that the light seems to be pointing down?

  4. henry Says:

    No, it’s correctly aimed.

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