Trippen “Shoes Garage” Sale

trippen shoes on sale at Shoes Garage in Amsterdam

60% off our favorite shoes from Trippen! This has pretty much nothing to do with bicycles but our friends Ben and Geraldine have decided to close their Amsterdam shoe shop “Shoes Garage” to move onto other ventures. Thus they’re blowing out the complete Trippen shoes collection.

You’re probably not familiar with Trippen. They’re a tiny firm in Berlin that designs funky, stylish, super-comfortable (and normally quite expensive) shoes. The shoes are hand-made in Italy from very obviously high quality leather. Some have notably thick leather, others super soft. Many models feature a molded cork insole like the main construction of Birkenstock sandals and this makes them very comfortable (and non smell gathering) when worn without socks. Why people then choose to wear their Birkenstocks with socks is thus one of the world’s great fashion-don’t mysteries.

Shoes Garage can be found in a little street in the Jordaan, just a few blocks from the new WorkCycles bike shop. Visit us both and kill two birds with one stone! (or as the Dutch say: two flies with one clap!):

The sale begins Saturday 22 November and runs until 1 December 2008. Get ’em while they’re hot.

Newsflash July 2009: The sale has been over for months. Shoes Garage is closed, gone, and their website is offline. There are no more Trippen shoes. I cannot help you find Trippen shoes. Please do not contact WorkCycles or leave comments with inquiries for shoes. Thanks!

Shoes Garage
Eerste Bloemdwarsstraat 5C
1016 KR, Amsterdam
tel 1: 06 2497 0845
tel 2: 06 1588 7786
Shoes Garage Website

4 Responses to “Trippen “Shoes Garage” Sale”

  1. Billi Says:

    Looking for Trippen Boots… Do you have any more available to buy online.. From Australia and would love to purchase some but wont make it to Amsterdam đŸ™‚

  2. Iben Djuraas Says:

    I LOVE Trippen. Would love to here more about this sale…but your freinds website doesn’t work. Can you help me??

    Thanx Iben

  3. henry Says:

    This post is almost a year old. My friends had the sale because they were closing the shop, thus the website is no longer online.

  4. susan lake Says:

    Hello, I’m looking for a simple lace up pair of shoes that I can wear with every thing ? I wear pants mostly to work. I’am A size womens 10 which is I guess 41 with your shoes Please Let me know ,Susan

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