WorkCycles Oktoberfietsfeest: Sunday 5 October

Its already time for the fifth annual, world-famous WorkCycles Oktoberfietsfeest (“october bike + beer + bratwurst party”). The tasty food, plentiful drink, balloon animal making, generous lottery/raffle, child friendliness, and general relaxed/no-pressure atmosphere will all be present as usual. This time, however, we’ll enjoy the comfort of our huge new Lijnbaansgracht shop in the cozy Jordaan neighborhood and some exciting new, bike related “activities”.

The party can be either in- or outdoors so weather is irrelevant.

Consider this our new Jordaan shop’s “official opening” as well. Just in case you’re wondering the original, jam-packed WorkCycles Veemarkt location will remain open.

While we’re at it we’ll also introduce the new line of “H.C. Clothing”, the source for all your hoodie and t-shirt needs. NOT!

BREAKING NEWS: Grand prize in this year’s lottery will be a brand-new WorkCycles bike! Runner ups will get WorkCycles hoodies, t-shirts, aprons and many other “special” gifts.

Check out the report from last years Oktoberfietsfeest here.


What: Party with BBQ, food and drinks

When: 5 October, from 15.00 until we kick you out

Where: WorkCycles Jordaan, Lijnbaansgracht 32B, at Goudbloemstraat (near Westerstraat)

Who: You, friends, colleagues, family, kids, neighbors, martian WorkCycles fans etc.

Why: Celebrating another successful year of business and growing (up). Thanking our customers and colleagues for their support. Because we can!

See you soon!

Henry & the WorkCycles crew

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