Oldtimers bakfietsen


We actually built these classic “bakfietsen” for “drop” (licorice) maker Oldtimers this past winter but didn’t have a chance to get pictures of them in action until recently. I saw one being loaded up near Dam Square in Amsterdam last week and it reminded me to put them on the blog.

The concept is pretty straightforward: Old fashioned costume and bakfietsen to promote old fashioned candy. Each weekend they bring one or more of the trikes to a Dutch city, load it up full of free samples and wander around the city center and shopping streets.

The bakfietsen themselves can be quickly set up in a number of ways to suit different purposes:

  • as an open container
  • with a closed box where the hinged lid also functions as a signboard
  • with a tall canopy
  • More info about these and other special purpose utility bikes and trikes can be found here on the WorkCycles site.

    After delivering the bikes we received a huge box of the various flavors of Oldtimers drop. Its really yummy stuff but I have to admit that we got a bit “dropped out” after consuming about half the contents. One can only eat so much licorice.

    Action photos from Face the Public, the field marketing firm behind the project.

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    1. joan Says:

      Kunt u me vertellen of u de bakfietsen nog produceert?
      Ik wil er graag een bestellen omgebouwd als stroopwafelkar..

      vriendelijke groet,

      J. Spe
      mail; [email protected]

    2. henry Says:

      Jazeker bouwt WorkCycles nog klassieke bakfietsen. Kijk gewoon naar onze website:

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