Badly burned Bakfiets bak

badly burned bakfiets bak

Its definitely from a Cargobike Long. Vandalism I assume, since its not too likely that somebody tried to use their Cargobike box as a barbeque.

Photo by Tom Resink of WorkCycles.

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  1. DrMekon Says:

    Random, idiotic vandalism, I guess. Do people target bakfietsen for vandalism?

    I read this today, and it made me wonder how annoying these bikes could be if they were widely used. Other than the parking issue, I don’t see the difference between them and moederfietsen in use. Someone with two kids on a bike is always going to be less agile than a standard bike.

    I guess he was having a bad day.

  2. henry Says:

    People (mostly kids I assume) seem to target anything convenient for vandalism. A friend also had the aluminium box on the front of her transport bike burned a few years ago. I think it was New Years eve.

    Bakfietsen do get graffitied (or more technically speaking “tagged”) pretty often, but then so does our shop, as do trucks and any other reasonably blank surface. Nice cars get keyed etc etc.

    Its ironic that people now complain that the moederfietsen are yuppie, soccer-mom vehicles when just a few years ago they were totally alternative. In 2003 no self-respecting yuppie would be seen near one. Only hippies, anarchists and squatters rode bakfietsen.

    Now they’re long past the hip or trendy stage in Amsterdam. The bakfiets is and will remain popular as a family vehicle simply because its incredibly handy, fun and cheap (compared to driving a car).

    But some people will just whine and complain either just to be funny or out of self-righteous superiority. He who whines about the bakfiets as family transport doesn’t have kids of the appropriate age and doesn’t consider that there’s probably one less car in his way.

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