WorkCycles huge new Amsterdam utility bike shop: progress report

This is my third update about the beautiful new WorkCycles cargobike/utility bike/child transport bicycle shop we’re building on the Lijnbaansgracht in the historic Amsterdam Jordaan district. That’s right in the city center so its no longer needed to trek that 3 km all the way out to our original location in Zeeburg. I wrote the previous two entries in Dutch so here’s one for the English speaking world.

We’re doing the construction ourselves and with the help of handy friends because its cheaper and more fun that way, and then in the end everybody can say “hey I built/wired/plumbed etc that place” and I’m still riding the WorkCycles workbike I got for doing it. The plan to open in July remains and you can be sure we’ll announce the opening as soon as a date is fixed.

Our plans are nothing short of grandiose: This shop will be 350 m2 filled with bakfietsen, city bikes, utility bikes, family transport bikes, cargobikes… you name it. It’ll also be home to our and our friends’ collections of classic (or just old) utility bikes. Its a funky 150 year old building with strange corners and details which gives us endless opportunities for character. It’ll probably take a few years to find a place for everything in the midst of doing “business as usual” in the meanwhile but that’ll just provide you with an excuse to keep visiting.

You can see photos of our progress a few weeks ago here:

…and more from a few weeks earlier here:

2 Responses to “WorkCycles huge new Amsterdam utility bike shop: progress report”

  1. Sara Says:

    I just left Amsterdam and I would like to get some informations about the possibility to buy online a “dutch cargo-bike”, or somewhat close to.
    Could you suggest me any website to go ahead with my dream???
    Thank you,


  2. henry Says:

    Hi Sara,
    We ship bikes all over the world. Just send us a note at [email protected] to discuss and get a price sheet.

    Your timing is perfect BTW, since we’re running a great sale right now:

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