One dead, ten wounded


This sickening photo of a drunken man driving through a group of cyclists was on the front page of the Dutch “Volkskrant” newspaper.

It sure makes me thankful to live in a country full of beautifully designed bicycle lanes and quiet country roads with little or no dangerous traffic.

Maybe that helmet for kids to wear everywhere (below) isn’t such a bad idea after all if this is what the rest of the world is like.

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  1. jack west Says:

    I read this on Yahoo,it is in Monterey in North Mexico.It was a 34 Kilometre Race,there must not have been any Race Marshals as it probably was only a Local Race about 20 Miles. This happened in Ireland about 10-15 years ago when a Car ran into Riders in either the Ras Tailteann or The Tour of Ireland a couple of Riders were Hurt not to seriousely. It was in the West of Ireland with Narrow Roads.

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