Old Dutch Bike Photos from Andre Koopmans

old fongers military bike with small wheels and spare tire

I came across an amazing collection of beautiful photos of classic Dutch bicycles. Included are old bikes, very old bikes and extremely old bikes. There are many sharp images of interesting features and details that have long since disappeared and been largely forgotten such as Fongers steering locks and Simplex suspension forks. Also fun for me are the nearly 100 year old images found on glass plates in the Fongers factory. If you love classic bikes or even timeless modern city bikes this photo album is a must see.

I’m a sucker for specially purpose-adapted bicycles so the 1898 Fongers Military bicycle (above) is my favorite of the bunch. Not only is it separable (or folding? – the joint is in the middle) it has a shoulder strap, leather cases filling the frame openings, a spare tire holder and a special chain and chainwheels with a tiny pitch.

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  1. jack west Says:

    Great Collection of Pictures,a great Social Documentary of those times.A lot of the Equipment of those Bikes are still relevant Today. The Military Folding Bike looks Great and it is not that different than Todays Folding Bikes. All the Bags are Handy for Carrying Despatches to and from Headquarters to the Frontline ,yet maintaining a slim Streamlined Silhouette causing no drag and avoiding obstacles in narrow Lanes.

  2. sektor2kemayoran Says:

    Mr. Andree Koopman can you tell me What link/web for oldbicycle/classicbike do you know.?

  3. bagus kurniawan Says:

    Mr Koopmans, I want to your email adress, I wil send a email. I want to ask U some qustion about, frame bike whan I got it in Indonesia. Thanks

  4. Andre Koopmans Says:

    By accident I came on this site and saw my name !?
    If you have questions, you can try to mail me at;

    [email protected]

    Greetings from Holland,

  5. henry Says:

    Goedeavond Andre,
    Dank je wel voor je mail. Het is wel grappig dat je alleen nu de post hebt gevonden want ik had het twee jaar geleden gepost! Maar, in ieder geval, je hebt een aantal prachtige en fascinerende foto’s op Flickr gezet.

    Maar even te weten:jouw mail adres klopt bijkbaar niet. Ik stuurde een mail en het werd teruggestuurd.


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