Seven Clog Bakfietsen for sale

klomp clog dutch bakfiets

Perhaps this one is even better than the coffin bakfiets I posted a couple months ago. Its not just a Dutch clog bakfiets, but actually seven of them… for sale too. Just think of the possibilities.

There is one puzzling thing though: The clog trike shown has a canopy with a signboard for “IJSGLACE”, Flemish (similar to but not exactly Dutch thus) for “ice cream”. What do wooden shoes have to do with ice cream? Who wants to eat ice cream scooped out of a shoe? And how do you steer that thing anyway? I don’t see any means for articulation in that frame.

Maybe they missed the concept’s true calling: carrying kids! Lots of kids would be fantastically proud to be toted around town by mom in a giant fiberglass clog. And they’d rest assured in the knowledge that only six other families could also be so privileged as to have a giant clog trike.

Asking price is only €250 each.

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