New Bakfiets Cargobike Extra Long

Bakfiets Cargobike Extra Long version

The much anticipated WorkCycles/Bakfiets Cargobike Extra Long is finally here! Ironically when Maarten van Andel introduced the original Cargobike dealers and customers told him it was too long, too strange, too un-Dutch. To pacify them he designed the Cargobike Short, even though he felt that the original (Cargobike Long) was the ideal length. Now its come full circle and the Dutch began complaining (they complain a lot actually) that the Cargobike wasn’t long enough to fit their kids, their kids’ friends, groceries, babies in Maxi Cosi’s, Bugoboo strollers, dogs and picnic baskets… at the same time.

We figured it’d be best to quit messing around and just go straight for Super-Size this time. Even the Dutch are learning from America! The new WorkCycles/Bakfiets Cargobike Extra Long offers room for 12 kids in the box and one more in a child seat on the rear carrier if needed. Alternatively you can carry 8 babies in Maxi-Cosi car carriers. Even with all those little ones in the box there’s still plenty of room for groceries, lumber, plumbing supplies or other gear.

The new size also solves the rising theft problem as well; At 6 meters long it simply doesn’t fit into any vehicles that can come into the crowded Dutch cities.

The first Extra Longs should be available in the early Summer. Pricing has not yet been determined. Please contact WorkCycles, the Bakfiets specialist in Amsterdam for more information.

Photo by Martin van Welzen with some slight retouching by Tom Resink.

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  1. doede Says:

    Call me the ‘fool’ of the month, but I really would like to ride this one! Would be great on the Amsterdamse Grachten, especially on the high shoulderd bridges đŸ˜‰

  2. limonaia Says:

    Sooooooooo, just like Detroit, I see that even the fine, upstanding folks at WorkCycles cannot help but soil their morals in the high profit margins of excess đŸ˜‰ However, I believe you’ve missed a couple of opportunities for optional “must have” luxury package accessories:

    Where are the in box DVD players, GPS navigation system with cupholder, advanced traction control, tinted rain cover and winch package???

  3. henry Says:

    Who ever said anything about having morals? I thought we were just in the business of Super Sizing the bicycle to get filthy rich. The kids just don’t need DVD players in Amsterdam – its entertaining enough to watch the tourists trying to steer over the tram tracks and through the bike traffic jams. GPS is also unnecessary here: with a circular city plan you always end up back in the same spot if you get lost.

    The winch is a great idea though: to help cyclists pull their bikes out of the canals.


  4. jack west Says:

    How will they manage with some of the small Hump back Bridges in Amsterdam.They will be left with it see sawing up and down like a Swing. Mother or Father will have to get of the Bike and Lift it across the Bridges. They will have to put Traffic warning signs on Bridges saying Long Bakfietsen Forbidden on Bridge.

  5. jack west Says:

    It is a great Idea, Brilliant for Collecting Long Pieces of Wood or Sheets of Veneer for making Wardrobes and Bookcases from DIY Emporiiums. I could have done with one of these Bikes over the Years. I have Collected 10Feet or 3 Metre Lengths of Wood on a normal type Bike ,balanced on the Saddle and Handlebars and it is extremely awkward as you have to walk the Bike along the Path as it is to dangerous on the road with Traffic.

  6. henry Says:

    I think the winch (above) should solve the problem of bottoming out over the bridges. If that’s not convenient enough we’ll add a series of little rollerblade wheels under the middle of the frame so you can still roll along, even when your wheels are in the air.

    Concerning carrying long materials we’re considering building a special bakfiets cargobike extra long as a carpenter’s and plumber’s bike. It’ll also have brackets and straps on the right side to carry pipes and other items as long as the bike of longer. You can make pretty much anything with seven meter long materials.


  7. Tony Says:

    Im my humble opinion, I have never, ever in my life, seen a more useless bakfiets. Let’s talk about stability of it all: having up to 12 childs on it for the idealistic head of the marketeer may sound wonderful , but we all know how more than 3 childs of different ages behave when together, not to talk about the same, assimetrically disposed in a box, placed upon a 6 meter long iron bar with no side support. The limo look is interesting for about 10 seconds, but the people that have been on a bycicle in NL or elsewhere know there’s nothing like lightness, stability and margin of manoeuver while turning and going up/down. 6 meters is easily the width of a street, therefor I would not put a gram of my body on this bike without having at least a classic threewheeler frame and two diagonal mirrors on top of the front wheel to be able to foresee cars crossing my road from left or/and right (BTW this tip is for free; if you go for it, please use it).

    a whinch (r u serious?) + side support wheels + mirrors = even more weight, hmm ; I don’t know.
    I REALLY wonder who has been asking around if he/she could have even more place on his bakfiets to transport up to 12 childs or groceries, and all the rest; if you need to drive 12 kids somewhere you better use a Van, a bus (or the train), it’s saver, easier and a longer term solution. And yes noone would have place enough to steal it, but hey, who has a 6 meters deep garage to park this beast? Honestly, I consider a bakfiets that long an accident waiting to happen, when not a mass murder weappon; nothing personal.

  8. henry Says:

    Take it easy and please note the date of the original post; It was an April fool’s joke last year. Such a bike is impossible and the photo is just a badly photoshopped Cargobike Long, in fact the same photo as shown for the real bike on our website:

    However, putting kids together on bikes has not been a problem at all in our experience. We sell a special bike for kindergartens and day care centers that carries eight and sometimes nice kids and we mostly hear that the kids have a great time squeezed in there for the (usually short) ride. We’ve sold more than a hundred of these and have never heard anything about the kids fighting inside.

  9. Tony Says:

    AAAAHHH! you got me on that one!! that was such a good one that even a year later you got me!! hehehe, for the rest I do appreciate the good work on all your bikes, that’s why I was surprised of such a bluff.. keep it up!!

  10. henry Says:

    Don’t worry; You’re not the only one who thought it might be real. Believe it or not we actually get purchase inquiries for these every couple weeks and I’ve come across entire blog comment debates about whether it’s real or photoshopped, never even considering that it’s not even serious.

    Thanks for the compliments!

  11. Clay Guinard Says:

    Thank you for creating that super long cargo bike…. I’d like to kno how much it costs.
    Lots of ppl I see are very critical very negative, we’ll my comments to them are why complain about it when you on a daily basis use fossil fuels, if it to expensive then don’t buy one I’d like to kno why you are so negative when all these guys wanted to do is push the envelope I want one because I’m wanting to turn it into a camper sort of thing as iv spent the last 15 years homeless and I’m saving money in hope to buy one but I don’t kno how much it is use…
    Thank you for building this beautiful work of art… [email protected]

  12. Clay Guinard Says:

    Great looking bike but how much

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