500 Transportfietsen in 5 minutes

The transportfiets (transport bicycle) fans over at transportfiets.net have assembled this collection of 500 images of mostly Dutch transport bicycles spanning almost 100 years. Amongst them you’ll see tons of old baker’s bikes, but also butcher’s bikes, milk delivery bikes, industrial bikes, postal bikes, newspaper delivery bikes couriers bikes, modern child carrier bikes. Either thankfully or unavoidably there are quite a few of WorkCycles bikes amongst them… even a couple secret prototypes if you watch carefully.

The accompanying music seems a strange choice but who’s complaining when you can see 500 transport bikes in 5 minutes.

2 Responses to “500 Transportfietsen in 5 minutes”

  1. John Power,Dublin,Ireland Says:

    Hello Henry A lot of the Old Delivery Bikes are the same Type we had in Ireland up to 1970 ,Bakers ,Post Office,and General Grocery Delivery Bikes, and ones with Laundry Baskets and then they went out of Fashion when People got more Affluent and started getting Small Vans. Some People still kept The Bikes mostly for Display outside Shops. Nowadays the Post Office is using some Dutch Style Delivery Bikes, they are similar to yours at Work Cycles. I must take a closer look at them to see where they are made. I seen these Clips before on the Transport Fiet . net Site. I enjoyed looking at it ,but it was shooting by very quickly its a pity it is not going a bit slower than I could enjoy it better . Thanks.

  2. henry Says:

    Hi John,
    Indeed there are a lot of similarities between the transport bikes everywhere, but then also some interesting differences. For example the Dutch bikes were far more heavy-duty than those of elsewhere probably because its so flat here. The Dutch transport bikes are also amongst the only ones I know of with really large carriers attached to the forks and handlebars so that the load turns with the handlebars. The French “porteur” bikes had this too but they carried much smaller loads.


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