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Death on Wheels: een zeer bijzondere bakfiets

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

bijzondere doodskist bakfiets

Vanzelfsprekend. Wat meer kan ik zeggen? Gespot in Utrecht, het is niet helemaal zeker of het ooit echt dienst zag of het een grap is… of gewoon een gemakkelijk manier om een gesloten bakfiets te maken. “Ja, ik had deze bakfiets frame zonder bak en deze doodskist zonder dode mens…”

Hier is een link naar de doodskistbakfiets.

WorkCycles Hoodies!

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

Workcycles hoodie sweatshirt with custom kruisframe bike

Whether you’re a proud WorkCycles rider, an aspiring Workcycles owner saving her pennies, or just think its cool to wear a hoodie sweatshirt with a custom WorkCycles Kruisframe transport bike stylishly displayed on the front we’ve got just the thing for you. Its the official WorkCycles hoodie, as displayed here by celebrity artist Kyoko Inatome.

The gritty details:

  • The sweatshirts are great quality; nice and thick. 80% cotton/20% polyester so they don’t stretch and shrink all over the place.
  • The bike is very subtlely silkscreened in warm gray onto the black background, giving it an almost eerie 3D effect. The silkscreen detail is amazing – even the tiny logo on the bike’s front fork is clearly readable (for somebody with their head practically on your chest). The back has a discrete WorkCycles text. The wearer is assured to get lots of compliments.
  • They come in black, black or black so they save you time while dressing, never seem to get dirty and match any of our bicycles. Actually they match almost all bikes… even hipster fixies. Unfortunately they don’t match hybrids or triathlon bikes.
  • NEWSFLASH! WorkCycles kruisframe sweatshirts are now also available in dark blue and olive green. So if you’re either too hip or not hip enough for black you can also go for one of the “new blacks”.
  • Sizes: S -> XXL. The sizing is a little strange: a medium is a perfectly normal medium, but all sizes larger and smaller seem to change less than you’d rightfully expect. A large is thus a sort of M/L while a small is an S/M. Thus if you’re solid L we recommend the XL… etc.
  • They cost €30 each, not including delivery. We’re happy to send them anywhere. Just call or email WorkCycles to purchase:
    [email protected]
    +31 (0)20 689 7879
  • Workcycles hoodie sweatshirt detail of cross-frame dutch bike workcycles sweatshirt with small logo workcycles hoodie on artist kyoko inatome with her customized titanium brompton

    Amsterdammers whining about Bakfietsen

    Thursday, January 10th, 2008

    lots of bakfiets cargobikes parked on an amsterdam sidewalk

    Just like we predicted a few years ago, bakfietsen, Cargobikes and transport bikes are now an unavoidable part of the Amsterdam street scene. They’re especially popular in some neighborhoods with many young families. But all changes bring complaints and this one is no exception; Childless residents are complaining that the sidewalks are covered with big bikes.

    My opinion: Its true, the bikes shouldn’t be crowding pedestrians on the sidewalks. They should be crowding cars off the streets! I vote for gradually converting automobile parking spots to bicycle parking spots. Problem solved.

    Of course such a plan is great for the livability of the city, but will obviously find many opponents since the city derives considerable revenues from the parking permits and meters. Parking a car in Amsterdam is very expensive, but I’d expect any plans to charge for on-street bicycle parking to go over like a lead balloon. Besides, bicycles aren’t even registered here (anymore) making it nearly impossible to manage anyway.

    Photo by Lukas Göbel from the Volkskrant (newspaper) 10.11.2007. In this photo you can spot the following:

  • Cargobike Long and Short
  • Biporteur (an early transport bike from Maarten van Andel)
  • Christiania trike
  • Sparta Pickup
  • Kronan (looks like it might even be in working condition!)
  • Lots of kids bikes
  • Lots of panniers (we leave them on the bike here)
  • Lots of front carriers
  • Plenty of child seats