Amsterdam Bicycles (from a San Francisco non-cyclist)

Photo of bakfiets with mom on cellphone with comments added

This is a photo essay of bicycles, cyclists and bike passengers shot in an Amsterdam square by an American non-cyclist. To be specific its 82 pictures of bicycles taken during 73 minutes. He knows precious little about bikes, cycling or the culture he’s visiting (nor does he seem to care) and that makes his extensive commentary interesting and funny. The candid photos are priceless. On the downside the absurdly uninformed and highly repetitive descriptions get annoying.

Friends have actually been telling me about this site for over a year and I guess I figured that there were already so many links to it that one more would be pointless. Well, the site is still gathering great comments from Dutch folks eager to correct the fellow’s mistakes, clarify the unclear and defend their culture. A couple of the letters include some nice historical anecdotes.

Thus I gave up and posted it after all. Enjoy (maybe again):

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