Chris Gilmour’s IMpractical bicycles

Chris Gilmour cardboard racing bike

Normally I only write about the most practical bicycles but here are some bikes (and other things) so beautifully impractical that they demand inclusion.

Frank Kloos, web-design extraordinaire of BUROFRANK fame turned me on to Chris Gilmour’s sculptures in packaging cardboard, the humblest of all materials. 

Gilmour sculpts iconic objects to an amazing degree of reality and often in life-size. Yet they are made of nothing but cardboard and glue, never containing any further supporting frame. I suppose there is more than a bit of irony in the re-creation of such timeless, durable objects in such a cheap material normally just used to package, protect and discard.

Chris Gilmour cardboard bicycles Chris Gilmour cardboard vespa scooter Chris gilmour makes james bond’<p><p>s aston martin chris gilmour makes interior of james bond’<p>s aston martin

All photos from Chris Gilmour’s website. You can see much more on Gilmour’s own site here.

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