Deliveries of Bakfiets Cargobike Delivery Bikes

workcycles bakfiets cargobike delivery bike

We like building special transport bikes… at least when they’re useful, cool and we get to make them in series. Here are some photos of the latest version of the Workcycles Cargobike Delivery, based on the now famous Cargobike child-carrier frame.

This is one of a series of five Cargobike Delivery bikes for London organic delivery restaurant Farm UK. Farm UK makes sandwiches, ciabatta rolls, bloomers, salads, drinks and cakes entirely from UK farm sourced ingredients. They’re apparently super “lekker” though I always thought a “bloomer” was something old women wore while playing tennis.

Regardless of what tasty bits Farm UK puts in their sandwiches and salads, they deliver them by bicycle. Feeding entire office buildings requires loads that normal transport bikes can’t dream of carrying, but getting through downtown London’s urban jungle on a three-wheeled delivery bike would be an exercise in frustration (though still not as bad as with an automobile). Thus we’ve built Farm these supersized Cargobike Delivery bikes.

work cycles bakfiets cargobike delivery bicycle work cycles bakfietsen cargo bike delivery bicycle work cycles cargobike delivery bikes

The boxes are made from an extremely tough and water resistant treated plywood normally used for concrete molding. Its called “betonplex” here in the Netherlands. Its very hard and stiff so we’re able to keep the walls quite thin and light. The box has a hinged and locking lid to keep the goods safe and dry while Mr. Sandwich Salesman is making his deliveries.

Dom and Ben from Farm UK have promised to send pictures of their bikes in action, complete with their Farm UK livery. Perhaps this post will spur them on to stop being productive for a few minutes and get that camera out.

2 Responses to “Deliveries of Bakfiets Cargobike Delivery Bikes”

  1. Andrea Casalotti Says:

    They look very good. But I will bet £100 that I can beat a cargo bike with my Christiania, in the busiest streets of London đŸ˜‰

  2. henry Says:

    Hi Andrea,
    As we say “Its the pilot not the plane”. I’ve already heard tales of your prowess aboard a Christiania trike, and I used to have some screaming rides through Amsterdam on our Gustav rental trikes… but I don’t think many mere mortals will ever achieve that sort of mastery!

    If we arranged a rush hour urban delivery race between Joe Shmoe on a Christiania and John Doe on a Cargobike I’d put my money on Mr. Doe and his speedier, narrower, more normal riding two-wheeler.

    There, the gauntlet’s beeen thrown!


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