Monkey Dust: “The Cyclists”

Somebody apparently both cycles and has a sense of humour! A brilliant and sharp little animation that will certainly be broadly misunderstood and used to make support all sorts of stupid arguments. Enjoy or whine away!

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  1. Richard Wilson Says:

    Died laughing in the office this morning watching this… I think I’ve seen these guys around Portland recently!

  2. streighty Says:

    Hilarious! …definitely seen them in Portland.

  3. miked Says:

    Love it!
    This made my day.

  4. victor Says:

    I think those guys live in Vancouver.

    thanx for the laugh Henry. a nice way to start the week.

  5. Erik Sandblom Says:

    But cyclists _are_ supreme beings. No noise, no emissions, very little space. Why the modesty? It’s like when Captain Kirk saves planet Earth and people say “oh he really should be more modest”. Why??

  6. henry Says:

    No, _bicycles_ are superior _vehicles_. No noise, no emissions, very little space. Cyclists, on the other hand, can be anything from superheroes to narrow-minded, righteous hypocrites… just like car drivers.

  7. Erik Sandblom Says:

    In a place like Amsterdam or Copenhagen I would accept differentiating between cyclists and bicycles. But elsewhere, sadly, bicycles are not seen as just another form of transportation. They are still toys, sports equipment or perhaps a statement. They are seen as inadequate for transportation, which is upsetting since as you say they are in fact superior for many trips.

    Half of all car trips in Sweden are shorter than five kilometres.

  8. henry Says:

    Hi Erik,
    Actually its easy to differentiate between cyclists and bicycles everywhere: Bicycles are simple machines with two wheels and pedals, while cyclists are homo sapiens who ride bicycles. đŸ˜‰

    But seriously, of course its a pity that it isn’t easier to just get people cycling we don’t lose sleep over it. As the external conditions (traffic, parking, fuel costs, infrastructure) gradually favor cycling more… more people will become cyclists.


  9. Erik Sandblom Says:

    I try not to lose sleep over it, but they are building new motorways and parking for billions of Euros to try to “solve” the problems you mention. And they want to keep doing it. It is the face of these people I see in the video. I don’t see cyclists who are simply driving.

    As long as people don’t see cycling as a solution, they will continue to build giant roads for cars, no matter how difficult and expensive it gets. It’s important to show people that bicycles can fold to go on trains, and have big boxes to carry children.

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