New York Babes on Bikes

new york model on a bike

I’m originally a New Yorker so its just music to my ears to learn that our sort of daily, just getting somewhere cycling is now hip amongt the “It girls” in New York. Apparently my mom was 40 years ahead of her time, riding her green Raleigh Sports 3-speed around with me on the back. Better late than never, ladies.

This article from the New York Observer describes the beautiful bicycle girls of New York and their preference for simple, old bikes with fenders to keep their dresses clean and baskets for their doggies and Prada purses.

Perhaps even better than the article itself is the raging debate in the comments that follow. The hardcore, helmet and wooly sock and mud stripe wearing “cyclist martyrs” decry the glam girls’ nonchalance, unlawful behavior and general enjoyment of life. Others, including one apparent glam girl, exalt the trend as a huge step in the right direction: They really are getting around by bike instead of SUV and further what these folks do, the rest will follow.

The Spokes-Models
Get a Helmet, Morning Glory! Beautiful—SCREEECH!—Roadkill! Who Are These Schwinn-Pumping, Flower-Shlepping Sirens? Where Do Gisele, Naomi and Chloë Think They Are? Shropshire?

by Gillian Reagan
This article was published in the September 10, 2007, edition of The New York Observer.

On a recent sunny Saturday afternoon, Vikki Eichmann was striding through the Union Square farmers’ market, one hand steering a sea-green, 1970’s Schwinn Breeze bicycle and the other tossing a curtain of silky brown hair over her bony shoulder. She was wearing a strapless plum-colored sundress and $400 Cole Haan knee-high boots. “They’re perfect because they’re sturdy and I don’t get scratches or bruises from the bike or anything,” Ms. Eichmann said, stopping to pick through a crate of peaches. “Plus they just plain look cute on a bike.”

Check out the rest of the article and the comments here.

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