Copenhagen Women on Bikes

Danish woman cyclist sending text message from mobile phone while cycling

Cycle Chic: Copenhagen Girls on Bikes is a nice site in the bakfiets-en-meer spirit.

The authors desccribe their site as “Social documentary in high heels”. Like I write about the beauty and everyday-ness of cycling in Amsterdam, Mikael & Aaron do the same about Copenhagen, DK… through the medium of showing beautiful women on bikes in their city.

Before you start lambasting us all as sexist, misogynist, backward pigs I’ll explain a little further. Everybody, male or female, looks their best on a bicycle; They’re in motion, muscles tensed. They ride by slowly enough to catch a shape, a smile and a flutter of hair but too fast to see less endearing details. Cyclists in the city are enjoying themselves and a smile or relaxed concentration does everybody good. Women are generally not afraid to do it with more flair and style.

There are exceptions to the “everybody looks good on a bike” rule: Unathletic people dressed like bicycle racers, for example. The racer’s snug-fitting uniform is perfect on the body its intended for. It varies from unflattering to ridiculous on anything less.

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    This is the second time already I see a link to that blog in one week. I also read it as an annotation to my posting to the Halfbakery about Fluffy Bicycle Pedals. Did that website make it into the spotlights or something without me knowing it?

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