WorkCycles will be closed 30-31 August

We’ll be closed Thursday 30 August and Friday 31 August, and then back to business as usual on Saturday 1 September. We’re making a quick trip to the Eurobike expo in Friedrichshafen, Germany to check out the latest gear, make important contacts, take spy photos, pester suppliers etc etc.

There’s actually not so much of interest for us at these bicycle expos. There will be an overabundance of high-end, super-specialized, recreational bicycle gear. Some examples which we’ll get brain-fade from:

  1. Triple-disk-braked, fixie downhill/freeride 29’ers with 50cm suspension travel.
  2. Sub 4kg racing bikes constructed entirely from carbon fiber, except for the ceramic ball bearings.
  3. Infinitely variable geared, auto-gyro balancing, titanium, off-road unicycles
  4. German “city” bikes with Rohloff hubs, disk brakes and Schmidt dynamo hubs that cost more than some small cars.

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