Long Line of Cars Part II

Long line of cars bike commute video

A friend sent me a link to this great video from in British Colombia, Canada. According to the author the video was simply shot during a typical morning bike commute and left unedited. The video catches lots of great everyday details such as hopeless lines of cars, construction, cars blocking the road shoulder and endless red lights. Ironically it doesn’t even seem to be in a big city – just typical North American suburban sprawl. Good tunes from Cake too.

Would you rather sit in traffic or just roll right along on your bicycle?

2 Responses to “Long Line of Cars Part II”

  1. PsmithWainscotting Says:

    Port Moody looks like LA.

  2. bikes_r_better Says:

    ..an experience I for sure aren’t missing. lordy.. what gridlock.

    see you thurs or friday Henry. hope sardinia was great.

    tot ziens


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