New Military Cargobike Transporter from Canada

Cargobike in Vancouver, BC on a Unimog

In the Netherlands we simply ride our bicycles everywhere, often while carrying children, groceries, friends, a spouse, flowers, building materials or whatever else needs to get from Amstelkade to Bloemstraat. Thus we build bicycles with special carriers and don’t think much about how the now rather heavy bicycle can be carried aboard an automobile. Why would one put a bicycle in an automobile? That would be akin to putting a car on a truck or a missile on an airplane. Very strange!

Apparently its different for the Canadian Army Cargobike Infantry Division who are now using the Workcycles Cargobike as a key weapon in their antiterrorist system. The military Cargobike Weapons Delivery Bicycle is equipped with (very small) missile launchers and (light) machine guns operated by a (preferably child sized) gunner inside the bulletproof polycarbonate bubble. Each Cargobike is transported on a specially fitted Mercedes Unimog, ready for rapid deployment wherever needed, be it in the woods, in the tundra, at a hip coffee shop or at a pickup hockey game.

3 Responses to “New Military Cargobike Transporter from Canada”

  1. Karen Says:

    Ha ha ha!!! Had me fooled for a minute there.

  2. David Says:

    Clearly you folks don’t know about our military! This is the most high-tech piece of equipment we own. We get 2nd hand planes, borrow other peoples ships and use woodedn bullets made from broken hockey sticks.
    And thanks to, we will soon have more than one!
    On a slightly serious note, we are making a long-range, power-assisted (by a fuel cell of all things) version for serious work if anybody is interested. Some of us are trying to get rid of that evil curse from Texas, the 15 l/100km pickup truck!

  3. henry Says:

    Hi David,
    Great to hear that proper people and stuff movers on are their way to Toronto! I assume they’re from our colleagues at de Fietsfabriek. Perhaps you’d also be interested in offering some of the Workcycles/Bakfiets bikes? There’s naturally some overlap, but the bicycles and the customers they appeal to are quite different.

    You can see most of the line at the link below, though there are a bunch of interesting bikes about to be launched. Just contact me if you’d like more info.


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